10 Best Help Desk Software For Your Business in 2020

Help Desk software is a system that modifies ticket requests and automates ticket search tasks by interacting seamlessly with the customer, giving you a single record that interacts with the customer across all communication channels. The Help Desk includes various features such as CRM and offline product options.

The helpdesk software offers many benefits, such as improving customer relationships, efficiently managing tickets for the support team and providing analytical reports. The Helpdesk software contains the following functions:

  • Based on knowledge
  • Automation and ticket management
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Integration of third parties
  • Reports

10 Best helpdesk software in 2020.

Here we have listed some of the best helpdesk programs in terms of performance and capabilities.

1. Transmission desk

Zendesk is an excellent platform to bring customer requests via email, news, tweets and other social media channels together in one place and increase the value of your business. Zendesk offers users the best solutions until they get it right, with robust collaboration tools, well-designed reporting and development tools, dynamic business management and integrated service levels.


  • It’s expensive.
  • Data may be lost due to inappropriate ticket response times.

The bags:

  • Important plan: $5 per user per month, annual bill.
  • Team plan: $19 per user per month, annual account.
  • Professional Plan: $49 per user per month, annual account (offers a free trial subscription with a Professional Plan).
  • Business plan: $99 per user per month, billed annually.
  • Elite Plan: $199 per user per month, billed annually.

2. For

Customer service software that fine-tunes your team’s communication and allows you to efficiently manage the large number of e-mails, messages, tickets, chats and text requests via a common mailbox.

Features include pre-recorded responses, team document sharing, real-time collaboration, integration with CRM and the Salesforce platform, improved customer data, tracking management, and efficient resolution times.


  • Sometimes a platform that is reversed or defective.
  • Limited customizable options.

The bags:

  • Basic plan: $9 per month per user issued annually, $12 per user issued monthly.
  • Plan Plus: $24 per user per month, issued annually, $29 per user per month, issued monthly.
  • Per plan: $39 per user per month, issued annually, $49 per user per month, issued monthly.
  • Business Plan: $79 per user per month, an annual invoice is issued, $99 per user per month, a monthly invoice is issued.

In addition, the 14-day trial offer is free of charge.

3. Help for scouts

Help Scout is a conversation support program in a spacious and customized format with knowledge base messages, text messages and management tools for team collaboration with transcription of previous information, data and activities. Help Scout offers to link your documents to websites.


  • The reporting function is unreliable.

The package:

  • Basic plan – $10 per user/month, issued per year, $15 per user/month, issued per month.
  • Standard Rate Plan – $20 per user per month, annually issued, $25 per user per month, monthly issued
  • Plus the plan – $35 per user per month, annually issued, $40 per user per month, monthly issued.

4. Helpdesk

Help Desk Software is a multi-channel helpdesk solution that improves response time with priority-based status updates and recorded responses with comprehensive features such as heat map, ticket satisfaction metrics and fast reporting.


  • Limited capabilities and less supportive interface.

The package:

The basic plan: You have to pay $5 per month and $4 per month per year for a user.

Team plan : Here you have to pay $24 a month and $19 a month if you pay annually.

The business plan: According to the seller.

5. Office

Teamwork Desk is a multi-channel platform with an easy-to-use interface that provides triggers, ticket prioritization, canned responses, team interactions, customer responses with ticket distribution, real-time performance monitoring and shared task management.


  • Agents’ performance indicators are misleading

The package:

  • Basic plan – always free for 5 users.
  • Per plan – $9 for a minimum of 5 users per month, annually issued, $11.25 per user per month, monthly issued.
  • Premium Plans – for a minimum of 5 users, $15 per user per month, $18.75 per user per month, paid monthly.
  • The business plan… Depends on the supplier.

6. Agile CRM

Agile CRM offers tools for ticket sales, marketing and service. It also provides feedback forms, a knowledge base, customer management and tools for tracking SLA violations to ensure high service quality.


  • Limited customizable options.
  • Higher upgrade costs.

The package:

  • Basic plan – Free version for up to 50 users.
  • Starter plan – $8.99 per user per month, two-year accounts.
  • Ordinary plan – $29.99 Accounts are issued twice a year for one user per month.
  • Business plan – $47.99. The user is billed twice a year.

7. Vision aids

Vision Help Desk is a tool that converts e-mails, phone calls, social networks and customer requests into tickets. It supports a single platform and SLA, a workflow for multiple tickets and team collaboration to increase productivity.



  • Starter plan – $12 per user/month, annually issued, $15 per user/month, monthly issued.
  • Per support plan – $25 per month, monthly issued, and $20 per month, annually issued for one user.
  • Enter a support plan for $60 per month and $48 per month per year for one user.

8. Kayako

Kayako is a platform with features such as a self-service center, in-box answers and integrates information via email, chat rooms and social networks. It invites its members to support the ticketing centres and to carry out customer satisfaction evaluations, team analyses and various other operations. The only thing I don’t like is the response to the email generated by the ticket; it doesn’t contain the source email stream.


  • Inbox Plan – $15 per user per month, billed annually.
  • The growth plan is $30 per user per month and the invoice is issued annually.
  • The sliding scale plan is $60 per user per month and the bill is issued annually.
  • The business plan is $100 per user per month, billed annually.

9. Zoho’s office

Zoho Desk is a multi-platform, multi-branch, multi-channel support system that manages email, calls, account views and web forms with analysis and support functions such as SLAs, workflow rules and the help of artificial intelligence, known as Zia, as customer service, trend detection and customer navigation tracking.


  • Complex and long

The package:

  • Basic plan – Free version for up to 3 users.
  • The standard plan is $18 per month, issued monthly, and $12 per month, issued annually to a user.
  • Professional Plan – $30 per month, monthly issued, and $20 per month, annually issued for one user.
  • Business Plan – 45 USD per month and 35 USD per month per year for one user.

10. ThinkSova

ThinkOwl is a multi-channel support system that integrates team processes and customer requests to increase productivity and improve service results, and manages service activities through email, messaging, user interaction, messaging and document exchange. It consists of features such as AI help in solving tasks, searching and calling customers, various event triggers, etc.


  • Poor product documentation.

The package:

  • Money shot: It costs $19 per month for monthly billing and $16 per month for annual billing to a user.
  • Gold plan: For the growing support team, billing costs are $49 per month and $42 per month per year for a user.
  • Platinum plan : For large businesses, the cost of billing is $89 per month and $79 per month provided annually to a user.
  • Plans of diamonds : For advanced plans the cost is $149 per month, posted per month, and $129 per month, posted per year for one user.


We hope this article will help you find the best support software.

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