5 Best Snowmobile Tow Straps in 2021: With Reviews

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The experience of riding a snowmobile on ice-cold terrain is exciting and adventurous; you never know when the snowmobile will get stuck in deep snow or suddenly stop running in the middle of nowhere.

The truth is that tow trucks are rarely available when we need them most, and even when they are, it can take some time before they come to rescue us.

That’s where a snowmobile tow bar comes in. Just as you carry a spare tire for your car, a snowmobile tractor will help you get your snowmobile out of any predicament.

With a tow tyre for your snowmobile, you can tow and repair your vehicle reliably in any difficult situation.

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My personal recommendation

If I would recommend a single snowmobile tow belt, I would definitely choose the Steadymate 15543 snowmobile tow belt.

This tow tyre has a smart design that will help you recover your snowmobiles efficiently, whether they’re stuck in deep snow or not.

The tire is 1 inch wide and 15 meters long, which is enough for you to pull your snowmobile at a safe distance. It also features spring-loaded carabiner hooks that snap into D-shaped steel rings to ensure it stays in place and does not come loose during use.

It is regulated and marked by the DOT to ensure safe operation, and can tow snowmobiles or other vehicles up to 835 lbs, which is sufficient for most models of snowmobiles.

It has universal soft hinges that protect the paint and chrome of your snowmobile and prevent scratches when towing.

Best tow tyres for snowmobiles in 2021

Here is the best tow rope for snowmobiles to look for when making your choice. They have all the features you want in a harness, including durability, strength and ease of use.

Stedimat 15543 Snowmobile tow tyre

Steadymate 15543 is one of the best snowmobile tow tires in the world, designed to safely store your snowmobiles in deep snow.

The belt, one inch wide and 15 meters long, is made of highly durable materials to meet all your repair needs. The long tyre also gives you enough space to tow the snowmobile at a safe distance.

The intelligent design of the straps makes towing your snowmobile easier and guarantees both safety and durability. The tow belt has sprung carabiner hooks at the ends which are attached in strong steel D-rings to hold it on the snowmobile during use, because the last thing you want is for the belt to come loose while pulling the snowmobile out of the deep snow.

A nice addition to this drawstring is a padded buckle that protects the paint and chrome of the snowmobile and prevents unwanted scratches and scrapes when towing.

The Steadymate 15543 is DOT certified and carries the safety mark for practical use. This harness can be used for snowmobiles or other vehicles up to 835 pounds for most models of snowmobiles.

Extreme Max 5001.5028 Towing tyre for heavy snowmobiles

As the name suggests, this snowmobile tow belt has a payload of 1,450 pounds and a breaking capacity of 4,400 pounds. This is a very strong and heavy tow bar, especially one you need for all your vehicles. No matter how big your snowmobile is, it can help you tow and recover heavy snow thanks to its large working capacity.

The strap is made of a mix of nylon pads known for their strength and resistance to tearing and stretching. It’s 1 inch wide and 15 feet long, which is enough to tow your snowmobiles. This durable material is resistant to extreme cold. The carabiner hooks at the end are also corrosion resistant, making these draw straps ideal for use in freezing conditions.

The Extreme Max 5001.5028 has a compact Easy Stow / Easy Tow design that makes it easy to store and transport for towing and later retrieval.

JCHL Nylon tow bar tyre

The JCHL tow belt is made of high quality polyester with a tensile strength of up to 20,000 pounds. With this tow tyre you can tow just about anything, from your snowmobile to your ATV. The large capacity of the towing tyre ensures efficient recovery of snowmobiles stuck in the snow.

The tow bar tyre is 3 inches wide and 20 feet long to meet all your towing needs. It also features two forged safety hooks with attachment clips that are galvanized and offer triple corrosion resistance, making it highly durable and reliable in cold weather. It attaches the tow bar so that it does not come loose or slide off the brackets when towing heavy snowmobiles.

Thanks to the high capacity and high strength of the material, JCHL’s tensile tape is virtually unbeatable, as it is tear and tear resistant, stretchable and even withstands very high freezing temperatures, giving it a long service life.

Neiko 51008A Heavy duty tow belt

The Neiko 51008A is made of high quality polyester fabric that provides strong and stable traction. Even if your snowmobile gets stuck in deep snow, this tow tyre will help you get it back up and running in no time.

It has a tensile strength of £10,000 to give you the confidence that this harness can safely tow and retrieve your snowmobile. The harness is 30 inches long, and at this length there is plenty of room to tow your snowmobiles in hard-to-reach places.

It is equipped with sturdy safety hooks that hold the tyre firmly in place when towing. In addition to this design there are classic woven tapes with patterns that increase the overall strength and durability of the tapes and the maximum durability of the product. The edges are also designed to prevent wear and tear and protect your snowmobiles from scratches.

Neiko 51008A polyester material is also resistant to water, snow, mildew and UV, making it safe enough to use in all weather conditions.

How do tow tyres differ from conventional tyres?

The difference between traction and recovery tires is the way the manufacturer has designed them. Some of these tires have hooks instead of vehicle loops, some are retractable, and some use more chain than material.

The snowmobile owner must choose a harness that has the correct length and load capacity for the towed vehicle. The Bulldog Winch is the most popular towing harness because of its workload of 10,000 pounds and length of 30 feet. The towbar tyre Erickson is also a good choice, with a maximum load capacity of 7,500 lbs.

The difference between snowmobile trailers and normal snowmobile trailers is the flexibility of the material used. Towing, towing and recovery vehicles require a certain degree of flexibility and elasticity, not only to prevent damage, but also to facilitate the whole process.

Considerations for the purchase of a tensile tyre

Although the most important characteristics of a tensile tire should relate to safety, there are other options you should consider. However, the first step is to know the weight of your snowmobile or ATV.

Load capacity of the belt

The weight load on the webbing refers to the force required to stretch the webbing to the breaking point. It is usually measured in pounds. The weight of the tow tyre must be greater than the weight of your snowmobile or ATV. Bear in mind that some materials can be affected by frost or wet weather, and the snowmobile will often get stuck in these situations. Buy a harness made of a weatherproof material that can withstand wet conditions.


More seams in the belt will only weaken the belt and reduce its potential resistance. Check the seams of the selected tape on the loop that connects the eyelet to the metal hook. To minimize the effect of seams on the tape, the tape should be sewn to the protective liner and not directly to the tape.


Nylon is a popular material for making tension straps. This is due to their high strength and elasticity. Other elements include Dacron, which also has amazing flexibility and strength.


Metal buckles or hooks are used to attach the harness to the ATV or snowmobile. Like belts, clutches are subject to regular wear and tear, mainly due to tension. So, in addition to a strong filling of durable materials such as neoprene, which is highly abrasion-resistant, you need a strong fastening mechanism.

and width of webbing

A wider band generally has greater strength and lower elasticity. The length, on the other hand, influences the pressure distribution and is mainly determined by the weight class of the snowmobile. When choosing a tensile tie, make sure that the right balance is struck between length, strength and elasticity.

Easy to use and install

You need a sturdy, lightweight and portable ATV pull strap for a good grip. Ideally, harnesses with enough space on the buckles are needed to attach them to equipment, rocks, trees and other objects while towing. You should be able to easily attach the D-rings to the hinges.


It would be useful to consider an illuminated tow belt to increase visibility. This usually happens at night or in extreme weather conditions when visibility is poor. Colours such as yellow, light green and orange are good options.

Storage capacity

The multiple ATV harnesses are compact and fit perfectly in the toolbox of the snowmobile. So you can move around without worrying about where you’re going. Does your chosen belt come with a bag to store it safely when not in use, or with storage loops to protect it when folded up?


Tensile tires must be strong, have the ideal length to ensure safe towing and have sufficient load capacity. A universal drawstring with hooks at both ends is handy. Such a harness can be attached not only to your snowmobile, but also to a tree, rock, tree stump or other heavy object when salvaging a stranded vehicle. The choice of the right drawstring ultimately depends on you and your wishes!

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