5 best video calibration software to enhance video quality

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  • Video and audio sorting software is designed to improve the playback quality of commercial videos.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro and DisplayCAL are excellent video editing programs for both professionals and hobbyists.
  • There are many video editors on the market with their own features to help you customize color and tone.
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Video sorting software is used to improve the playback quality of commercial video and many large organizations have established standards for the proper transmission and display of video signals.

Sound calibration removes unwanted colouring from headphones and studio speakers for high-quality results.

There are many video sorting programs available and we’ve put together five of the best programs on the market to help you make your choice.

Familiarize yourself with the most important functions and decide which device suits you best.

What is the best video sorting software?

In today’s digital world, we are completely surrounded by different video sorting software. However, Adobe Premiere Pro is a powerful program designed for one purpose.

It’s all about advanced video editing functions. Don’t forget that you can edit your images in any format you like. After all, it supports 8K video and more.

Since the immersion of the viewer in a unique virtual reality is often the goal of every video today, Premiere Pro clearly supports immersive VR. This makes it easier than ever to create unique stories in the VR 180.

In fact, you have access to several tools that help you to use more than just the basic video editor. Video calibration works perfectly, you can enjoy faster HDR ProRes for easy media control and a highly flexible interface.

Some other important features you will probably appreciate:

  • Various video effects are available – inlays, colours and lighting, to name but a few.
  • Impressive colour manipulation
  • Rapid fading can be applied to very large surfaces
  • Simultaneous video editing is supported
  • Premiere Rush is part of the package; it’s a great all-in-one application that works on all devices.
  • It works very well with other Adobe software that you already use, for example. B. Photoshop, Adobe Audition and After Effects.

Adobe Premiere Pro

The leading Adobe Premiere Pro video editing software is a great tool to improve the quality of your videos.

DisplayCAL is a display calibration and profiling software focused on accuracy and versatility.

The core of the program is Argyll CMS, an open-source color management system used to take measurements, create profiles and calibrations and perform more complex color-related functions.

Discover the best features of the service:

  • You can calibrate and characterize your displays with one of the many supported measuring instruments.
  • The program supports the configuration of multiple screens and offers several options for advanced users.
  • The software includes verification and reporting functions to evaluate ICC profiles and displays.
  • You can create a 3D LUT video and optional CIECAM02 gamma coverage.
  • The software supports color measurement corrections for all types of devices to improve accuracy.
  • Another important feature is the uniformity of the display of the control instruments during the measurements.

You also have access to a test chart editor and the ability to create synthetic ICC profiles with custom base colors and more.

Also note that this software is free software, and you can redistribute and modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

⇒ Download DisplayCAL

With DisplayMate you can calibrate your HDTV. You need to connect your HDTV to your Windows PC to start the process, and it’s very simple.

Once you have done this, your HDTV can display your Windows desktop and functions as a large PC screen.

For example, you can view all Windows applications on your large HDTV display and the software can fine-tune the picture quality for each of your HDTV inputs.

Please familiarize yourself with the basic functions of the program below:

  • DisplayMate works by automatically showing the user a slide show of specialized test images.
  • You can customize the program to your needs and interests in the following modes: New, Express, Standard and Kit.
  • If you are a novice user, the software has a beginner mode with a unique set of instructions and templates that are simple and easy to understand.
  • Most test patterns are designed to be visually assessed and adjusted with the naked eye.
  • The program comes with special kits for commissioning, calibration, adjustment, activation and evaluation.

The DisplayMate for Windows supports digital DVI and HDMI, as well as analog VGA, component video, composite video and S-Video. You can connect any projector, monitor or HDTV.

⇒ Download DisplayMate

ChromaPure is a video grading software that has a number of interesting features, such as B. the following:

  • You have the possibility to perform a pre-calibration, which consists of measuring the display in the previous state.
  • The program interface is easy to use.
  • With the Calibrate button you can go to where you are going to do your work.
  • After calibration, take another series of measurements, such as the pre-measurement, just to check the results after calibration.
  • The program also includes import and export tools with which you can save session files and load them back into the program.
  • The software also has a lumina calculator.
  • Reference data is simply a tool for single or continuous measurements.

The software is designed to be familiar to anyone who has ever used a smartphone or tablet. Click on the buttons on the homepage to open one of the previously mentioned modules.

Each module performs a different video calibration function as described above.

⇒ Download ChromaPure

With this program you can remove unwanted colors from your speakers and studio headphones. Manual 4 consists of three modules:

  • DAW Plug-in : It is a reference sound combined with true latency-free processing and comes with calibration profiles, filter modes and predefined simulations for all users.
  • System-wide application: Works at the operating system level and calibrates all outgoing tones.
  • Software for measuring workpieces : It includes a convenient and simplified process for measuring room acoustics, and the software automatically locates the microphone in your room.

The software is also available in three editions: Headset, studio edition and Premium package.

  • The headphone edition is best suited for producing sound through headphones.
  • The Studio Edition offers a complete set of headphones and speakers for your studio.
  • The Premium Package includes the Reference 4 Studio Edition and the fantastic, pre-calibrated Sennheiser HD650 headphones.

Reference 4 allows you to measure the frequency response of each headset and the software automatically locates the microphone based on the acoustic vibrator.

The device calculates the sound power received by the listener at a particular listening position or in a particular listening area.

⇒ download link 4 official

These are the five best video and audio calibration tools. You can visit the official websites of the programs to learn more about their functions and test the programs themselves to see how they work.

They are all high-quality audio and video calibration tools with extremely useful features and a user-friendly interface.

FAQ: More information about video calibration

  • What is the best video calibration tool?

There are several options and you can use one of the best video software.

  • How can I improve the quality of the video?

You need a special program to improve the quality of the video. Here is a list of some great programs to improve the quality of your videos.

  • What is the best video software?

Finding the right software can be difficult, but we’ve prepared a guide to the best video editing software you can find.

Editor’s comments : This article was originally published in December 2017 and has been revised and updated to be up to date, accurate and complete by December 2020.

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