7 Advantages And Benefits Of Using Dispatching Software Tool

Imagine a situation in which you manage a fleet of 1,000 units. Now think about how many calls you need to make in your team and with your customers to keep everyone informed.

Let’s say you spend at least a minute a day with the drivers to call. It takes 1,000 minutes to call.

Four o’clock, boy!

Now you don’t even want to rely on the time you spend talking to your customers!

Even if you want to believe it’s hypothetical, for the limo and the bus in Windy City it was a game of life and death. Windy City’s goal has always been to put its customers first, which requires real-time location and communication.

Samsara came to the aid of the Windy City in this very narrow place. Thanks to the dispatching software, SamsaraWindy City can now exchange messages directly with customers about the location of the vehicle.

The result?

Windy City reduces the monthly volume of shipments by 30%, which corresponds to 500 hours of internal phone calls.

In addition, Windy’s dispatch department uses the error codes in its vehicles through the application of real-time engine diagnostics.

If the car breaks down or is switched off, we can log in and see which engine codes are rejected. You can call the driver and not ask too many questions, because you already know the answers.

– Ryan Kachmarski, Director of Information Technology at Windy City.

So, if you already know what’s going on, Windy City reduces calls to half an hour to a minute or two to discuss a technical malfunction.

Finally, we cannot ignore the fact that the Windy City justifies its ambitions.

The same success can only be yours if you open your eyes to the many blessings of the fleet management system. Now let us convince you to write your success story!

Top 7 benefits of planning software for your business

1. GPS Tracking and Mapping for synoptic display

When managing a huge fleet, it makes sense to check where your vehicles are and what your drivers are doing behind the wheel.

GPS tracking allows you to determine the exact coordinates of each driver in your fleet. You can see the routes they take before delivery and also check their speedometer.

Besides the fact that GPS trackers attract the drivers’ attention, they have enormous advantages for them. By providing real-time information, your drivers are able to predict traffic, determine alternative routes and deliver on time.

2. Automated planning for a good action plan

By automating repetitive tasks in all business processes, you can effectively expand your business. Scheduling software can help you achieve this goal in your ever-changing fleet by following assigned orders based on available drivers.

You can choose between partial or full planning automation. Using Gantt charts and maps, you can assign loads to drivers. The Drag&Drop function makes operation easier.

By determining the availability of drivers to carry out tasks, you can significantly increase your efficiency and thus your customer satisfaction. Because your dispatchers have all the resources to make informed decisions, you reduce the time needed to plan your tasks.

This time saving can be used to align your business strategy.

3. Real-Time Websites for Real-Time Solutions

Imagine a scenario in which you offer catering services in combination with bulk mailings. Let’s say you get an order for 100 birthdays.

Your cooks prepare delicious meals and your dispatcher sends the food along with the fleet driver. So far so good.

But what a waste if the machine breaks down at work! Instead of serving hot meat, you’d end up warming up next to the car engine!

However, if you use the fleet software, you will be notified of the incident immediately. This real-time data gives you access to where your driver is stranded, as well as information about the location of drivers in a nearby area.

You can then assign the task to another driver, who will simply be released and located in the immediate vicinity, while the injured vehicle is also being repaired.

What’s more, your satisfied customer won’t even guess what’s happening behind the screen.

4. Automated load detection systems

With a large fleet, tracking all your shipments is a challenge. But with layout and planning software, they will no longer exist.

Whether it’s by post or delivery, your customers can be automatically notified of their upcoming arrival to make the necessary arrangements. Delays in shipping can also be intimidating.

If you manage a fleet for sector K-12, you can also inform the parents concerned of any delay in the arrival of their protégés at home. So you don’t waste time making phone calls.

5. Travel information for smart driving

Understand that the drivers in your fleet most often drive on uneven roads. However, if they depend on people in transit to get them to their destination, the risk of late delivery is high.

Moreover, you would disappoint your customer if the only route your drivers knew of did not let them go.

Here the routing function of your dispatching software provides drivers with traffic information and determines the shortest and best route to reach their destination in terms of time and distance.

This way, your drivers will never be late for your customers’ doorstep!

6. Dot-matrix AI cameras for protection

When you drive trailers under your fleet, it is normal for you to worry about their safety and, of course, the safety of your drivers.

When an adverse event occurs and enters the building without warning, artificial intelligence cameras installed on the dashboard record images of the incident. In addition, your driver can send an SOS signal so that you can provide timely assistance.

When you make the deal, you can justify innocent drivers if there is a problem, while using it as a backbone of discipline for your disobedient drivers.

7. Management and design software to meet customer needs

With the means mentioned above, you can not only increase the size of your company, but also reach your ultimate goal, namely the satisfaction of your customers.

According to a recent study, 25% of consumers refuse to buy if the promised delivery is disappointing on the same day. It just says how important it is for the customer to be at peace.

And that’s exactly what your planning software does for your business!

Spice up your game!

What do you think?

Those benefits are too good to be adopted, aren’t they?

Your competitors are already using this software. Hurry up with them now. Don’t get left behind!

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