Best Open Source Security Testing Tools

The software development process includes debugging and testing to detect and correct various errors. But not everyone understands the need to test the safety of debugged software. It is assumed that the debugging procedure already contains a list of measures to detect shortcomings in the Code. The need to test code vulnerabilities through external penetration has been improved.

What is a security check?

There are thousands of tools available for safety testing. They can be commercial and free of charge and are designed for professionals who need to assess network security. The challenge is to choose the right tool that you can trust for the specific case.

There are four main steps in the network security assessment process:

  • Data Acquisition ;
  • mandatory;
  • Evaluation ;

In the data acquisition phase, the devices are searched in the network by means of a real-time scan via ICMP or TCP protocol. During the connection and evaluation phase, the specific machine running the service or application is identified and potential vulnerabilities are assessed. During the penetration phase, one or more vulnerabilities are used for privileged access to the system.

Purpose of safety test

Today, digitisation has gained momentum. The security of applications and information systems is one of the most important areas. Since the company’s core resources and user data are often on the network, they need to be adequately protected. Potential vulnerabilities in the applications processing this data must be addressed in a timely manner. Security tests are necessary to identify vulnerabilities in time and to prevent potential attackers from exploiting these vulnerabilities.

It is also important to note that a possible compromise on one of the motions can lead to a compromise from someone close to the chain. And if the first works with a minimum of data, the second can be used for the work, including confidential data. That is why safety is important for every project and every application. Cybersecurity testing services are an important element in the monitoring of protection.

Necessity of safety tests

The activity of almost all enterprises is somehow related to the use of computer equipment connected to the Internet. This makes the necessary work much easier and faster. However, the World Wide Web poses a serious threat to the possibility of an external attack aimed at penetrating the electronic system. As a result, confidential data stored on servers or hard drives may be lost. The following measures are available to solve the problem:

  • trying to obtain the password by external means;
  • to attack the system with special protection test programs;
  • to try to uninstall the program by analyzing its ability to continue running;
  • intentionally entering incorrect data to access the system during recovery ;
  • analyze the unencrypted data to find the key to the break-in.

The results of testing software that works well help eliminate detected threats. This leads to a significant increase in information security in the system. For the company using this software, the loss of control or loss of relevant business information can result in significant financial losses.

Best open source tools for security testing

To perform a quality test, you must first select a reliable test instrument. In fact, there are a lot of them now. It is useful to pay attention to source control tools such as

  • NetSparker ;
  • ImmuniWeb ;
  • Vega;
  • Each;
  • Google Nogotofail ;
  • Acunetixa;
  • W3af;
  • SQLMap ;
  • ZED Attack Proxy (ZAP) ;
  • BeEF (Browser Operation Frame).

Existing methods of program code cracking enable the penetration of the most advanced security systems. The only difference is how long it takes. The need to check the security of debugging software is due to the fact that the time required to implement a running system increases significantly. If the effort exceeds the benefit of extracting information relevant to cybercriminals or taking control of the system, the level of protection provided by the program is sufficient.

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