Everything Coming to Netflix in June 2020

It’s almost June, and Netflix has published a list of films and series that will be streamed on the streaming platform next month. Netflix’ programming for June 2020 is filled with exciting new shows that will meet our entertainment needs for the rest of the month.

The long-awaited new seasons of popular TV series, as well as new and classic films, are the highlights of our month on Netflix.

But of course, as always, it’s not just about everything that happens, this list also includes programs that leave the platform in June. It’s a mixture of excitement and disappointment, but hey, that’s life. Without much fanfare these are the films and series we’re all looking forward to from Netflix in June.

Here are the films and series that will be presented on Netflix on 1 June 2009.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Faceless / Everett Collection



All dogs go to heaven

The bad news

Cape the fear


Card Captain Sakura: The Clown card

Card Captain Sakura: Sakura map


Cocomelon: Season 1



The man inside

Lust, watch out.

Observe and report


The silence of the lambs

Naval soldiers


The machine (1977)

Disaster artist


House by the lake



V for Vendetta

Take an energetic walk: The Dewey Cox story

West Side Story

You’re not talking to Zohan.

Sign of the zodiac

June 2

Alone: Season 6

Fuller House: Farewell season – Netflix

Fault! The file name is not specified. House fuller : Farewell season / Netflix

June 3

Gunther’s murder

Lady Bird

L’orthographe du rêve – Netflix Documentary

June 4

Bucky: The great tournament of the Raitai saga – Netflix Anime

Can you hear me? – Netflix Original

5 June

13 reasons why: Season 4 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Swallowed: Paisa Bolta High – Netflix Movie

Hannibal: Seasons 1-3

The final days of American crime – Netflix film

Blue eyes: Season 5 – Netflix Original broadcast date 5 October 2010

June 6

Queen of the South: Season 4

7 June

Patriot Act with Hassan Minhaj: Volume 6 – Netflix Original

8 June

Before I fell.

10 June

Curon series – Netflix

Legends of Tomorrow Washington: Season 5

Lenox Hill – Netflix Documentary


Sir, sir: Season 1

Reality Z – Netflix Original Air Date 24. June 2013

11 June

Posing: Season 2

12 June

Yes 5 Blood – The Netflix film

Make arrangements: Season 2 – Netflix Original Air Date 28. June 2013

F is for family: Season 4 – Netflix Original

Joe Coy: Netflix’s special comedy is in his element.

Kipo and the age of beautiful animals: Season 2 – The Netflix Family

A PHOTO: Alabasta

A PHOTO: East Blue

A PHOTO: Helicopter on Winter Island

A PHOTO: Main Line Input

The journeys of the Pokémon: The series is the Netflix family

Search – Netflix Original

Wood – Netflix Original

June 13

Alexa & Katie Part 4 – The Netflix family

How do you get away with murder? Season 6


14 June

Marcella: Season 3 – Netflix Original

15 June

The underdogs

16 June

Little mother.

Charlie St. Cloud.



17 June

An evening with Beverly Luff Lynn.

Mr. Iglesias: Part 2 – Netflix Original

18 June

A breather – Netflix Anime

Order: Season 2 – Netflix Original Air Date 28. June 2013

19 June

Kids: Part 2 – Netflix documentary

Père Fils de Soldat – Netflix Documentary

Feel the rhythm – Netflix film

The floor is lava – Netflix Original

Lost bullet – Netflix Film

The girls from Ipanema: Season 2 – Netflix Original Air Date 28. June 2013

One Way to Tomorrow – Netflix film

Politicians: Season 2 – Netflix Original Air Date 28. June 2013

Rijm Time City – Netflix Family

The Wasp Web – Netflix film

21 June


22 June

Dark sky

23 June

Eric Andre: Legalize everything – Netflix Comedy Special

24 June

Sportman A – Netflix Documentary

Crazy Delicious – Netflix Original

Nobody knows I’m here / Nadie sabe que estoy aquí – Netflix Movie

26. June

Amar y vivir – Netflix Original

Eurovision Song Contest : The story of the fire saga – Netflix Movie

The game – Netflix documentary


29 June

Bratz: Movie

30. June

Movie Adu – Netflix

BNA – Anime Netflix

George Lopez: We’ll do it in two, a special Netflix comedy.


It’s normal that you’re not feeling well – NETFLIX ORIGINAL


Roswell, New Mexico, season two.

The show must go on: The story of Queen + Adam Lambert.

Here is everything that will leave Netflix in June 2020


The Royal Speech

June 3

God is not dead: Light in the dark

June 4

The perfect man

7 June

Balance sheet

From Paris with love

June 9

Maniacs: Season 1-7

10 June


11 June

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell: Series 1

12 June

Heart of a dragon

Dragon heart 3: Warlock

Heart of a dragon: A new beginning

Heart of a dragon: The battle for the heart of fire

June 13

Honey and the Boxer.

16 June

The Stanford prison experience

22 June


Tarzan 2

24 June

The Avengers: A war without end

27. June

This is ridiculous! Celebrating Alex’s collection

This is ridiculous! Cindy Stowell’s collection

This is ridiculous! The Seth Wilson Collection

29 June

The day my ass went crazy! Season 1-2

30. June


The horror of Amityville

The Andy Griffith Show: Season 1-8


The boy in the striped pajamas.

Brooklyn’s best

Central phase

Stalking Amy

Thank you so much! Season 1-11

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


Click on


The curious case of Benjamin Button…



Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Ferris Bueller day off

Ghost Knight

Luckily: Season 1

Here’s one.

Start with

Instructions are not included

The invention of the lie.

Julie and Julia

Kate and Leopold

Kissing girls

The last samurai

Unlimited: Season 1

Little monsters.

Mansfield Park

Zorro’s mask.


Resetting the matrix

Matrix rotations

Report on minorities

Patriotic Games


Polar Express

Race to the Witch Mountain


Horror movie


Stuart Little 2.


Tremor 2: The replicas

Tremor 3: Back to perfection

Tremor 4: The legend begins

Tremor 5: Bloodline

What’s hidden underneath

Yeah, man.

– commercial

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