ExpressVPN Review December 2020 | #1 Trusted leader in VPN (49% discount+3 month free)

ExpressVPN is a VPN service based in the British Virgin Islands. It has been running since 2009 and is one of the most anticipated and best VPN services on the market. The security and anonymity features are praiseworthy, but what attracts the attention of all visitors to the ExpressVPN site is the guarantee of speed. The fastest VPN words on earth are visible and underlined.

ExpressVPN – Overview

This review covers everything about ExpressVPN, including servers, scores, speed, extra steps and reviews – and that’s just the beginning. Let’s start with the pros and cons.


ExpressVPN Server

ExpressVPN has more than 1500 servers in 94 countries. Although some VPNs offer these many servers, this is a selective club. These servers provide shared static IP addresses and are located anywhere in the real world. Hopefully there is an ExpressVPN server near you. This increases the assignment speed and ensures that the server is never overloaded, reducing the number of failed assignments. In addition, it offers stealth servers for countries such as China and the UAE that use techniques such as deep packet inspection to detect and place VPN clients. It is currently illegal to use a VPN in the UAE, so it is important to have a VPN that hides the use of a VPN.

There were no DNS, IPv4 or WebRTC leaks with ExpressVPN. It provides continuous protection and the results of DNS, IPv4 and WebRTC give a good indication of how well the VPN works to protect your privacy and identity.

ExpressVPN for Netflix

Netflix is very hard on VPN customers because it tries to keep its administration configured and strangers away from Netflix USA. This option offers the best content, so it is reasonable that you should unlock Netflix USA. Anyway, where most VPNs don’t work, ExpressVPN succeeds. It may allow you to unlock Netflix USA via certain servers. All these servers are certainly located in the United States, but there is no indication of which one you could lose. This is a bit ingenious, because publishing this data would disturb Netflix with these servers. To access Netflix USA with ExpressVPN, all you have to do is see which servers you can activate. For the same reason, you can take advantage of their SmartDNS advantage (more on this later). You can also visit the Netflix ExpressVPN page.

ExpressVPN for Kodi

Cody lets you watch your favorite movies and the TV just turns on. Although it is an incredible gadget for storing media, it cannot guarantee that some of the free connections it offers you. We don’t know who can handle these connections and the administrator can keep an eye on you. It is therefore preferable to use ExpressVPN for Kodi. Setting up ExpressVPN on Kodi is easy, and you can still manage your settings on their website.

ExpressVPN forcurrents

Today, torrent services and sites are an important part of everyone’s internet experience. They give you all kinds of documents and information you may need, such as movies, TV shows, entertainment, programs, music, etc. It is very easy to download floods from a customer. However, if you download Floods without a VPN, everyone can see your Floods movement. Every poisonous guest in the pool can keep an eye on you, or every curious person connected to a similar open system can see your actions. In addition, ISPs can, and often do, limit the available bandwidth when downloading torrents.

To protect yourself from the eyes of others and to download torrents freely, use ExpressVPN. It hides your torrent activity from everyone and the high speed servers make sure your download speed doesn’t suffer at all. Not all ExpressVPN servers support P2P, but you can always contact customer support for assistance.


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If you’re looking for a handheld VPN service, ExpressVPN is not your thing. It’s just not for people on a tight budget, with its $12.95 a month package. The one-year subscription offers a significant discount ($6.67 per month) because of a longer subscription, and there are occasional discounts, but it remains one of the most expensive VPN services.

But you can use their 30-day money back guarantee. If you feel that ExpressVPN is not what you expected and the service is not available in some areas, you can request a full refund within one month. While most other VPNs offer a 7-day money back guarantee, ExpressVPN offers a 30-day warranty. That’s what I call trust!

Desktop users cannot use the free trial. However, a 7-day free trial and a 1-day free trial is available for iOS and Android users. There is not enough time to test the service, but it is in accordance with the rules of Google Play, so there is not much to do. As for the payment options, you can pay by credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin and various third parties.

ExpressVPN Speed

VPNs tend to slow down your browsing speed a little because of the encryption overhead added to your connection. In any case, the best thing that distinguishes him from the others is the speed at which he decreases. The best VPNs guarantee that the speed reduction is negligible, while the best VPNs guarantee that the reduction is not noticeable. The ExpressVPN is exceptional compared to other VPNs, so it’s not surprising that you don’t experience a noticeable drop in connection speed. Tests conducted on different servers on different occasions show reasonable VPN speeds, and ExpressVPN has shown promising results.

It offers one of the fastest download speeds of all VPNs. Playback of 1080p recordings and online multiplayer rerouting are no problem when using ExpressVPN. When downloading normal datasets or documents you will see that the association speed is comparable to downloading datasets without VPN. Sometimes the speed may even be better, depending on the server you choose. The biggest problem is dropping one or two associations a day or somewhere nearby.

It offers one of the fastest download speeds of all VPNs. Playing 1080p videos and multiplayer online games is no problem with ExpressVPN. When downloading torrents or regular files, you will notice that the connection speed is similar to the speed you use to download files without a VPN. In some cases, the speed may even be better, depending on the server you choose. The only problem you may encounter is disconnecting once or twice a day.

Protocols and encryption

While there are many reasons to use a VPN service, privacy and encryption are on everyone’s list of requirements. ExpressVPN offers you as many possibilities as you want within the customer. You can choose between PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and SSTP. Encryption is performed with the modern AES-256-bit standard, authentication with the impressive SHA-512. Both offer a service that keeps any curious parties out of your way and ensures that your online activities are about you. It also allows you to share sensitive information over the Internet without fear of being intercepted by a man-in-the-middle attack.

Customers and compatibility

ExpressVPN offers special customers for Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as an application for Android, iOS and Amazon Fire TV Stick. You can also use the configuration guides on the website to set up ExpressVPN on your smart TV, Roku, game console, Chromebook and routers. Alternatively, you can order a pre-configured router to cover your entire home network with ExpressVPN protection.

Best of all, your router only counts as one device and you can extend this protection to an unlimited number of devices you want to connect to it. Before installing ExpressVPN on your router, make sure it is compatible. If not, but you still need a VPN on your router, look for their preconfigured routers.

The VPN customers are the most intuitive and functional customers you will ever see. Although you cannot change the type of VPN encryption for security reasons, you are free to change VPN protocols and servers. OpenVPN on UDP is installed by default, which is a good choice. The client automatically chooses the best server for you based on your location and usage, but you can override this and make your own selection. During the initial configuration, you must enter the activation code for each device you wish to connect to. This allows you to connect to the VPN later when you launch the client.

The interface is attractive and you can use all functions, such as. B. the mains lock, which acts as a self-destruct switch. The network lock protects you from DNS and IP leaks and keeps you safe in the event of a connection error. This is especially useful when downloading something via a VPN, and especially torrent files.

Downloading torrents without VPN protection is not recommended as anyone can see your torrent activity from the pool and you could face lawsuits and suffocate your ISP’s bandwidth. Since ExpressVPN allows P2P, you can use torrent downloads with ExpressVPN and leave your system free because you are guaranteed to shut down the network.

The Mac client distinguishes itself from other clients by having a shared tunnel, allowing you to choose which application traffic goes through the VPN servers. Always make sure you know what you’re doing before you do it. Otherwise, you’ll end up puncturing a hole in your own defense. You can use ExpressVPN on three devices at the same time. Before, you could only use one device. But ExpressVPN has changed this feature and allows you to choose the devices according to your needs.

You can use it on two laptops and a phone or any other combination. The only problem you may encounter is that you have to manually disconnect one of the three devices using the connection before connecting a fourth one. Just turning off the power won’t help you. A small inconvenience, but one you would expect from ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN Newspaper policy

A VPN that you hide from everyone, but register everything you do, is more dangerous and harmful than using the Internet without a VPN. Therefore it is very important to use a VPN with a logless policy. ExpressVPN falls into this category. Moreover, as the company is based in the British Virgin Islands, it is not under any legal pressure from the NSA, GCHQ, etc. to disclose user logs. No record keeping policies and data retention laws are things to think about with a VPN.

The only ExpressVPN entries are the time stamp of the connection, the server you connected to and the bandwidth used during the connection. Your personal IP address is not recorded and this information is never shared with third parties. Although this is a problem for some people, there is a detour. If you connect to ExpressVPN with the new .onion extension or Tor proxy or any other system and pay with Bitcoin, ExpressVPN won’t be able to identify you.

Customer Service

ExpressVPN offers 24/7 customer support via live chat, email and ticketing. All three systems work perfectly. You don’t have to wait a minute to hear from your live chat support manager, and the answers are not only warm, but also informative and helpful. You can expect the same from their email and ticketing systems. The knowledge base is good enough to handle most routine requests. ExpressVPN’s customer service is probably the best we have seen so far.

Additional functions in ExpressVPN

Stealth Server

ExpressVPN has special stealth servers to help people in China. The country has strict censorship laws and while people have been using VPNs for years to have some freedom on the internet, the government is making things difficult. They are now attacking VPN users and imposing severe legal sanctions on them. The Chinese government uses techniques such as deep packet inspection to identify VPN traffic and locate VPN users. But with ExpressVPN you have a solution. It has its own servers in Hong Kong to bypass Chinese government censorship on the Internet. Little is known about how these servers work to help you stay under the radar, but the only thing that matters is that they work by helping you bypass government censorship if you live or travel in mainland China.

Intelligent DNS

If VPNs make it possible to access geographically limited content, there is another option, especially for streaming services. SmartDNS services allow you to share streaming geoservices. Although they work in the same way as a VPN, there are some differences. First, SmartDNS changes DNS settings and ensures that dedicated servers process DNS queries for geographically limited services. This overcomes the geo-restriction. Since there is no encryption, you will enjoy much faster speeds than with a VPN, although you must understand that this comes at the expense of the lack of protection VPNs provide.

ExpressVPN offers an easy-to-use SmartDNS service and can help you unlock popular streaming services such as Netflix USA and BBC iPlayer. It’s pretty easy to set up and you can log in to make it work.

Browser extensions

ExpressVPN offers browser extensions for users of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It differs from other VPN browser extensions in that it makes no sense unless you also have a VPN client on your system. Browser expansion gives you more control over the VPN client on your system. This does not contribute to the experience, but increases the user comfort of the system.

If you’re looking for a VPN service that gives you everything you want, there’s no better choice than ExpressVPN. It has more than 1,500 servers in 148 cities in 94 countries. These servers offer some of the best connection speeds you will see. We’re not sure if it’s really the fastest VPN in the world as the site claims, but it’s not far away. When it comes to privacy and security, you don’t have to worry about ExpressVPN because it uses OpenVPN over UDP in standard clients and uses strong encryption and authentication algorithms. With 3 simultaneous connections, an excellent intelligent DNS service to access geo-content, P2P support, features such as network lock and stealth servers, and demonstrably the best customer service in the industry, it’s no wonder ExpressVPN is one of the most popular VPNs. The only drawback is that it’s a bit expensive. But with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 7-day free trial for iOS users, you’ll have plenty of time to fully test the service.

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