Garmin Approach S60 vs S60 Premium Comparison

Before Garmin started making GPS smartphones for golf, his product line focused on promoting portable golf equipment. These portable devices were bulky and sometimes uncomfortable to carry, but the available features made golfers happy.

Now, with the Garmin Approach S60 and S60 Premium, golfers can get all the features that have made handheld devices so successful, in the form of a compact and smart GPS golf guide.

But which of these advanced GPS golf courses should you buy?

The Garmin Approach S60 and Garmin Approach S60 Premium are smart waveguides that are virtually identical in features and capabilities. The S60 Premium is more expensive than the standard S60 and the only difference is the full leather strap and the scratch-resistant glass.

These two smart gold watches score high in all important points for a Golfuhr GPS evaluation.

This article covers everything you need to know about both products, emphasizing the differences between the watches.

Read on to find out more and find out what best suits your needs.

Garmina S60 Approach Revision

Like golf, technology is an ever-expanding field. Sports equipment is constantly being developed to make it easier to track a sport like golf in terms of performance and analysis to monitor improvements. The Garmin Approach S60 has a smaller screen size which makes it easier and more readable to follow a round of golf.

Like its predecessor, the S60 has excellent functions that allow you to download the necessary golf course information in no time at all. The courses are also perfectly captured in the innovations of the clock; the front, middle and bottom are all animated with easy-to-read images so that they can be followed by experts.

The battery of the S60 is also very strong and durable. Two rounds of golf can usually only be played on a single charge, which takes about 10 hours.

Let’s take a look at some of the features that distinguish the Garmin Approach S60 from many of its predecessors in the Garmin lineup.


  • Expert mapping functions. The mapping capabilities of the S60 approach are incredible in terms of the functionality this watch offers for wave specific mapping. You can enlarge the opening on the track maps and easily detect changes in distance and activity tracking to decide which bunkers or water hazards need to be cleared. This feature, if needed for golfing with advanced GPS, and the ability to accurately track photos is one of the features that really sets this watch apart.
  • Expert sensors. The S60 has built-in sensors that automatically detect the moment of recording and can even help you decide how to improve your swing speed.
  • Aim with a pin. The S60 approach can provide a way to improve the tracking of the shot to determine exactly where to swing on the green for a more accurate yard.
  • Performance monitoring. One of the most useful features of the S60 is its ability to track the distance in terms of steps and calories burned. Because it’s nice to know that playing a game you love is actually good for your health.


  • Oh, my darling. Needless to say, they probably already know that the S60 is an expensive watch. Although the watch is known for its price, the price is quite considerable. So if the price of a standard S60 watch is worth it, you should evaluate your options.

Garmin S60 Premium ReviewApproach

The Garmin S60 Premium approach is almost identical to the S60 standard, so it can be difficult to make a good comparison between the Garmin S60 and the S60 Premium. There are only a few small differences between the two hours, of which you should be aware.

In terms of functionality, this clock is identical; you will not find any new functions in the S60 Premium that have not yet been programmed in the S60 standard. Apart from some additions that we will describe below, we can only say that the S60 Premium has a slightly more durable quality than the S60 Standard to distinguish the two watches from each other.


  • Ceramic ring. The main difference with other watches is the scratch-resistant ceramic ring of the S60 Premium model. This bezel produces a powerful and durable dial that fits better than most smart golf watches.
  • Leather bracelet. The Garmin Approach S60 Premium has a leather belt that is stronger than other ceramic belts.


  • It doesn’t have to be expensive. The main disadvantage of the S60 Premium is that it costs more than the S60 Standard and that there are almost no significant differences between the two models.

What is the difference between the Garmin S60 approach and the S60 Premium approach?

The two models are almost identical. Both watches have different colors, offer perfect data resolution for green and the sunlight is readable.

Both versions have an extensive library of predefined tracks that include a wide range of predefined tracking features best suited to the game you’re playing. Garmin Connect is easy to use with both watches and both are compatible with the Garmin Connect feature.

It can be said that the S60 Standard is in fact the only version of the S60, as there are no functional differences between this model and the S60 Premium. Since golf is a physical sport, many users find the addition of performance tracking features that measure health statistics a much-needed new feature when it comes to smartphones.

As far as visibility is concerned, it can be said that the S60 Premium can also perceive sunlight a little more easily than ceramic viewing patterns, which can cause glare in direct sunlight.

In fact, the only real differences between the two watches lie in their design. In terms of design, the S60 Standard consists of a polymer sieve, while the S60 Premium consists of a reinforced ceramic coating.

This can be an important difference because the S60 standard tends to scratch easily when dropped or brushed against abrasive materials. Ceramics are simply more resistant to these situations than one would expect from a polymer mixture.

The last difference just has to do with the watch strap: The S60 Standard has a silicone strap and the S60 Premium has a leather strap. Both materials are resistant, but the S60 premium leather strap is slightly more fashionable.

Hardware equation

Want to buy a Garmin S60 or S60 Premium?approach

The decision to buy one of these watches is a matter of taste. Everything you get with the Standard S60 is also available for the S60 Premium, and the Standard S60 is one of Garmin’s best intelligent golf guides.

If you want to add a little style to your watch, you should definitely pay attention to the premium version of the S60. The leather strap has a long service life and the scratch-resistant ceramic ring increases the durability of your watch only with prolonged use.

The only disadvantage is that the premium of the S60 is about 100 dollars more expensive than an ordinary Garmin S60. For this price you get a slightly stronger ring and a leather band. Some users report that the S60 Premium has improved visibility over the Garmin S60, but that’s usually a matter of personal preference.

We will tell everyone to come and go with S60 Premium. The scratch-resistant bezel is undoubtedly a good quality for smart clocks during a round of golf.

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Is this quality wave watch worth its price?

Whichever version you choose, both models are really worth it. These functions are too innovative and useful to be abandoned.

The biggest problem consumers often face is whether the S60 premium is worth the extra price. We also had to struggle with this solution because there are no functional differences between the two watches.

No matter which watch you buy, choosing an S60 will make your golfing experience much more interesting and easier to follow. The S60 Premium is generally the best solution because of its scratch resistant edge.

Frequently asked questions

V: What is the difference between the Garmin S60 and S62?

The Garmin S62 approach (see on Amazon) is a recent update of the Garmin S60 approach. The S62 has a larger design than the S60 and a much stronger and clearer pixel resolution than the S60 approach.

V: Does the Garmin S60 control the heart rate?

Unfortunately, the Garmin Approach S60 does not come with a heart rate monitor or an adjustable heart rate monitor. With this in mind, many performance monitoring features are available with the Garmin Approach S60. Many of them can be used outside the golf course if you use the Garmin Connect application.

Final reflection

With all these similarities and differences, it may be that the two watches are too similar to each other to make the final choice. The best way to make a decision is to remember what every smart watch is all about. The S60 Standard has all the features you will find in the S60 Premium.

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