GoPro Hero 9 Black Review

The new GoPro Hero 9 Black camera brings important changes with it. It is equipped with a new 23.6 megapixel sensor, which is the latest sensor update since Hero3 in 2012. Its single battery provides about 30% more power than the previous model. Although the form factor is known, an LCD colour screen on the front of the form factor gives an overview.

The new enhancements to Hero 9 have made Hero 9 a useful and independent camera for everyday use in addition to the action camera. It will not surpass the quality of a DSLR with a large sensor and quality lens, nor the simplicity of a smartphone. However, there are a few features that make the great exterior of Hero 9, the small size and the interesting and unique recording modes.

Longer battery life

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The battery life of the GoPro Hero 9 is 30% longer than that of the previous model. The GoPro stated that the battery could survive in extreme cold. Depending on the intended use, you get 20-30 minutes extra recording time and do not even need to activate Eco Mode.

It has a large battery that adds a little extra weight. Although it’s not heavy, you can feel the difference in weight when you compare it to Hero8.

Like other Hero cameras, you can charge the Hero 9 with a portable battery. Well, this option is suitable for long periods of continuous recording, such as periods of time. However, the battery life depends on the video settings.

Removable lens cap, mod.

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GoPro introduced mods at the same time as Hero 8. Modes are accessories that help improve the quality of recordings. It consists of an integrated directional microphone with microphone and HDMI (Media Mod) connections, an LED backlight (Light Mod) and a foldable LCD display (Display Mod). By comparison: Hero 9 offers similar accessories, but excludes Light Mod. Changes to Hero 8 are not compatible with Hero 9 models.

The GoPro Hero 9 has a removable lens cap. You can also connect the new Max Lens Mod, which provides an ultra-wide 155 degree view with reduced distortion and increased stabilization (Max HyperSmooth). The name Max comes from the GoPro Max 360 degree camera from which this technology originated.

In addition, Max Lens Mod makes it possible to rotate Hero 9 360 degrees while maintaining the plane of the object (fixed horizon) during playback instead of rotating it without getting anything. This frame automatically rotates around you until you move.

Accessories and connection

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The black package of Hero 9 costs $50, which is more than the standard GoPro. It contains a second battery, 32 GB memory card, carrying handle and other small parts. If you need extra batteries, the Hero 9 Black Bundle is a good buy, as is a carrying case that also comes with the camera.

The camera is also equipped with Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, a MicroSD slot and a USB-C port for loading and transferring videos to a PC. Sending video clips to your tablet or phone for editing should be done via a Wi-Fi connection.

GoPro Request

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The GoPro smartphone app for Android and iOS certainly works, with automatic editing when you need to share a fast clip, and better timeline and cut support for professional editors who haven’t made it to the Adobe or Final Cut ecosystem.

Some features in the camera have been developed to speed up wireless data transfer for mobile editors. It can record short clips of a certain length (from 15 seconds to three hours) and the last viewing mode, which buffers the video continuously for 30 seconds and saves it only when prompted to do so by the camera.

At the same time, a GoPro subscription allows you to use Hero9 as a webcam for live streaming, with support for services such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitch. What’s more, you can continue to use Hero 9 as a USB webcam for MacOS and Windows systems without a subscription. However, GoPro still charges for Windows beta support.

You buy Hero9 Black right away and then you have a 1-year subscription. Then you pay $50 a year for a subscription. The subscription includes an unlimited bucket to store video in the cloud, about two replacement units if you break Hero9, and a 50% discount on media and accessories from the GoPro online store. GoPro is convinced that the service is so cost-effective for users that they will demand more and more.

GoPro Premium option

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The video tools in Hero 9 Black GoPro are complete, even with all recording capabilities from 4K and below in Hero 8 and 5K if you need extra pixels. The quality is also increased to 20 megapixels. In addition to the normal JPG capture, Raw and HDR options are available.

During the video recording, the slow motion and slow motion recording time were stopped exactly. GoPro’s Digital HyperSmooth 3.0 is excellent and has been improved to support the horizontal plane. To get the same result (i.e. a smooth and stable video), you get it through the gimbal system, and you can attach the Hero 9 to the gun’s stock without having to add adjustments or volume.

More pixels for 5K

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The image sensor of the Hero 9 has seen a huge increase in resolution from 12 MP to 20 MP and video from 4K to 5K. At 5K, however, you are limited to 24p or 30p capture, which is suitable for vlogs or combining multiple action movie cameras in one movie project. At resolutions of 4K and lower, it is similar to Hero8, with approximately 60 frames per second at 4K, 120 frames per second at 2.7K, and 240 frames per second at 1080p.

You can select GoPro Color ready for editing or use a more accessible flat profile to refine the color to your personal taste. The viewing angle can be adjusted. You can also choose an ultra-wide view with single distortion curves for projects in tight spaces and wide-angle views, or choose a linear view that straightens the lines while providing wide-angle coverage.

Pictures are available in 20 MP when shooting a 5K movie. You can also get a 14.8MP photo from any frame. The HDR photo mode is particularly fantastic, removing some of the drawbacks of using a small sensor camera in the image network, which retains details in light and shadow without having to change them.

In addition, the lens is sharp and you can set the camera to a rough format if desired. This is great if you need an ultra-wide-angle and don’t want to spend your money on a camera with a spare lens or upgrade your phone to the best model of an ultra-wide-angle lens. There is no doubt that the camera’s internal microphone is incredible, especially when directed in your direction. But the 360 degree design limits resolution and slow-motion.

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The Hero 9 Black is the most important redesign of GoPro’s flagship since the release of the Hero 5 Black, and with a few exceptions, the results are predominantly positive.

Yet three major physical changes have been made to Hero 9 Blank: a 1.4-inch colour screen in the front, a larger chassis (for a larger battery) and a larger 2.27-inch touchscreen in the rear. It’s so exciting that the 1.4-inch color screen on the front is definitely a useful innovation for blogging.

Because it’s a square screen, it’s not really at the same height as the side screens of cameras like the Sony ZV-1 or your smartphone’s screen when installed on climbing rocks like the DJI OM 4. While the latter gives you a live preview of the whole frame, Hero 9 Black is more of a rough guide. It’s just enough to make sure your face is in the frame.

Normally the new colour display has a higher battery consumption, which is one of the reasons why GoPro has added a new 1720 mAh battery to the housing of the Hero 9 Black.

However, one of the main disadvantages of the Hero 9 Black is the responsiveness of the rear touch screen. His screen is slightly larger than that of the Hero 8 Blacks, but he still has large, outdated glasses and reacts slower when touched or dragged. This may be due to a delay in the processor, provided that the GP1 chip now has to operate the large rear screen and the colour display on the front at the same time during recording. Nevertheless, GoPro has ensured that the fix will be included in the firmware update in November, but at this price it is not ideal for the flagship model.

In general, the Hero 9 Black remains a very practical pocket camera, waterproof up to ten meters, which is now more suitable for blogging.

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GoPro Hero 9 Black produces some of the best videos and photos, but it’s not a huge improvement over Hero 8 Black.

Without a doubt, the new 5K/30p mode allows you to capture more detail than any other GoPro model, which is important when switching to high-speed mode (100 Mbps). The file size is small in some modes due to the efficient use of the HEVC codec, but it can be very demanding on your computer.

If you want to capture videos that you can watch from a smartphone or social networking site, the extra resolution is probably invisible. You will only see a significant increase in detail if you frame or view the 4K monitor. In fact, the ability to grow a crop can be advantageous, but you have to think about it when you need it.

All three cameras have sensors of the same size. No matter how excellent GoPro’s hyperstable stabilization is, just shake a little to cancel this increase in resolution.

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The Hero 9 Black shots seem more edited and too sharp, maybe even to a more aggressive noise reduction. A large number of photo spots filled with a sensor of the same size can help to increase the level of detail, but can also increase the noise level required for inspection. Compared to the Hero 8 Black, the Hero 9 Black has an exceptional preference for displaying clear scenes, especially in the air. Although this can be corrected when the firmware is updated, there are other factors that are more important for image quality than resolution.

In fact, you won’t be disappointed when taking pictures with Hero 9 Black, especially not in 5K/30p mode. However, the stabilization of HyperSmooth is the best you can get from the action camera, and the alignment of the horizon in the camera is a useful and fantastic addition.

The new sensor allows you to take 20 megapixel photos and receive 14.7 megapixels of your videos. At the same time, the level of detail has increased slightly compared to the previous models. They still have the same features as before, such as the ability to shoot in linear mode to correct wide-angle distortion and in SuperPhoto to restore certain selection details. Excellent results with excellent illumination, sharpness throughout the frame and fine details.

You can also shoot raw to lift your shadow a bit, but with a sensor of this size you don’t have much freedom. Not zooming in can also be daunting, which is why Hero 9 Black is a waterproof smartphone emergency device that allows you to take good photos.

Regardless of the new hardware updates, the GoPro Hero 9 Black is not new. Rather, it is a camera that further expands the range currently available. By adding some new features GoPro can go from an action camera to a stand-alone camera for daily use. However, the GoPro Hero 9 still has the same spirit as its predecessors. The Hero 9 is still an incredible camera, interesting and easy to use, while offering you new features that allow you to do even more.

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