How to Get Rid of Your Data Online

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Once you’ve had some online, it can be very difficult to retract. There is so much personal information on the Internet that one can find out about you by doing a simple search on Google. It can be frustrating that all this information is easily accessible to the public, and a lot of people are trying to get rid of it completely. Lisez the suite to see how you can release your online data, at least as much as you can!


The first challenge for a company is to know exactly what information is available on your subject in the public domain. Use an incognito navigator to avoid being followed, and tape your name in the search engine. You can also use a background check service to see what information appears when someone is looking for you. When you perform an online search, you will receive reports on various personal aspects such as contact details, previous address, social media activities, work history and criminal offences. Once you have all this data, you will know what to look out for when you delete all your data online.

Delete accounts

Many social networks ask for your contact details when you create a profile on them. The next step is to delete all accounts for which you have profiles. These include old websites that you forgot years ago. If you have left your account active, all information is still visible. This is an advantage if you work often and want to prevent a future employer from never seeing them.

If you still want to maintain a social media presence, you can try creating a new account with false information and an abbreviation of your name. Don’t post pictures of yourself or someone you know if you want to remain anonymous. Please note that deleting an email account can make some things difficult, such as applying for a job or buying a new home.

Remove your information from the data brokers

Data brokers are websites whose purpose is to collect your data in order to sell it to third parties. A third party wants your data so that they can advertise targeted and sell you more products. If you ask a data broker to delete your data, they are legally obliged to do so. Each data broker has a different process that you need to follow to find out if you want your information removed from all data. Some services can do it for you if you don’t have time to do it yourself.

Delete Saved Passwords

Many people use online banking and store their passwords in the browser. This can be useful, but poses a risk if a computer is hacked. To prevent data leakage, passwords should not be automatically stored online. If you have already saved passwords, you can simply delete them. For chrome, follow the steps below:

  • Open Chrome
  • Click on the three dots at the top of the page
  • Click on Settings and then select Passwords
  • To select a password that needs to be deleted, click on the three dots on the right.

There is also a toggle switch if you’d rather never save your passwords online.

Remove obsolete Google caches

Once you’ve updated or deleted your information online, make sure it’s gone for good. Unfortunately, it shouldn’t disappear if the old version is still on Google’s server. You can submit a deletion request form to Google to have this information deleted. This is not a guaranteed solution, but Google employees will try to remove the data from their servers. This greatly reduces the chance that your information will appear in a Google search.

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