Instagram Content: Tricks & Practices

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95 million euros

This is the number of photos and videos shared daily by a billion active Instagram users.

Although the data seem promising in terms of potential audience, competition is overwhelming at best.

But let’s not be too pessimistic. There are still stories that have crushed it with their content in Instagram, and soon you will also learn some tips on how to do it against all odds.

Join us to discover some of the best content tips and practices offered by Flock Social and other respected experts in the growth of Instagram.

Creating a unique experience

Whether you’re a brand, an influential person, or an agency looking for ways to improve Instagram’s content performance, you need to change your way of thinking completely. This means a transition from product to experience.

Let’s face it, the audience is usually there to be entertained, and it takes a lot to make them stop scrolling and immerse themselves in your content. The pole won’t cut it.

On the other hand, there will certainly be a call to immerse oneself in a whole new experience.

For an experience such as the feel of your content, think of lifestyle, problems or pain points related to your products or services. And do more. This can include posting relevant memos for parents when you sell baby products or taking fun adventure photos when you sell photo equipment.

Inflammatory emotions

Positive, of course.

To truly engage your target audience, your content needs to speak to them, building on advice from the past. I mean, you have to appeal to their emotions.

To really deal with it without risking becoming a sentimental or kitschy audience, you first need to know your ideal audience. The hard truth is you’re not everyone’s cup of tea. And that’s fine if you know how to press those buttons on the people you want to draw to your content.

Even if you’re a company, well, especially if you’re a company, you have to show a human side to your brand. Find out which charities support you, for example in a special edition of Instagram Stories Highlights. Or show children, pets or elderly people who have benefited in one way or another from your business.

Who wouldn’t want to join a community that strives for more than profit?

With the creative spark in your hand

That’s probably easier said than done.

But this is necessary if you want to attract the elusive attention of today’s audience.

You’ve often experienced it when a lesser-known brand finds itself in this situation and its mail becomes viral. These holy moments in the grail of the instagram do not happen by chance. There are many impulses, attempts and mistakes that make you think about building this creative muscle.

Encourage your creative team to look for ideas everywhere and hold weekly brainstorming sessions.

In addition, try working with young talent in your industry as they can provide much-needed new and talented perspectives that can take your content to the next level.

Let the games begin

And last but not least, for a super effective promotion of engagement, organize a nice mixing competition here and there.

Instead of the traditional gift, you enter the subtitling competition. Place a funny or super revealed photo with your brand and ask the audience to leave their ideas for signing in the comments.

Make it a temporary session so they can act quickly.

The most important thing is to offer the winners a really valuable prize to encourage more people to participate.

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