Razer Stargazer Review – A Deep Dive

When established in September 2016. Razer’s Stargazer faced fierce competition when Logitech simultaneously launched its new C922 webcam. This puts the new and the other in competition, because the Stargazer was the first and only external webcam equipped with an Intel RealSense 3D camera. The fact that it survived is still on the market, and it continues to prove its importance in bringing Intel’s RealSense technology to the masses.

The Razer Stargazer has three powerful advanced video features developed and powered by Intel Corporation’s RealSense technology: Dynamic background suppression, 3D scanning and face and gesture recognition. Typically, cameras that support RealSense 3D scanning technology are equipped with three large front-end sensors: an infrared sensor, a color sensor and an infrared laser projector.


Below are step-by-step instructions.

Face and gesture recognition was at that time a new and advanced technology, and Stargazer was a pioneer in it. Since then, of course, the technology has continued to improve in terms of power and performance, as have the applications. Razer certainly benefited from being one of the first companies to enter the market.

To date, the Razer Stargazer is equipped with a high-resolution camera that seamlessly integrates with the 6th generation Intel processor. The generation is integrated, underlining its impressive capabilities and popularity.

Who is it for?

Streaming video games are becoming increasingly popular. That said, some of the best YouTubers or Twitchers use green screens to get out of the living room and its clutter and put yourself, and thus you, in the middle of the action.

What if you want to remove the background but don’t have the space at home or the money for a real green screen? So, Razer thinks his Stargazer is the answer for you. Four years after its release, RealSense cameras are still mostly only found in all-in-ones and laptops, with desktop models sold by Intel to developers. By automating this process in the camera, without the need for a physical green screen, Razer has unlocked the potential of a new breed of users. Maybe even a new generation.

Stargazer uses Intel RealSense depth perception technology to physically isolate an object in space by detecting the distance and then intelligently removing the background. He has made this large dynamic background removal function available to the general public, at least for Windows 10 computers with sixth generation or higher Intel Core processors.

Video games require both professional quality and high frame rates. The Razer Stargazer delivers up to 60 frames per second, giving you control and flexibility over what you can broadcast. With this frame rate you can stream as well as anyone else on the network. There is a second mode for higher resolution than the HD camera, which limits the frame rate to 30 frames per second, but increases the resolution to a maximum of 108, so it can be used for professional purposes.

The Razer Stargazer is ready to start scanning 3D objects. Many 3D scanning applications make games more exciting and attractive, but also offer serious practical applications.

If you are using 3D printers for personal or professional use, you can scan any object directly in real space without the need for additional software or hardware and have a digital copy on your computer with little effort. If you are a game developer creating or modifying one of Unity’s games, the 3D objects scanned by Stargazer will be directly compatible and transferred to your software.

Of course, there are other reasons to use the Razer Stargazer than to play or build. For your conference calls, the live version of Personify lets you float your desktop to better share your presentations. You can use an infrared camera with Windows Hello to perform a face scan that you can use to connect to your computer.

We have tested the Stargazer for durability and ease of use to ensure quality and to determine if it is suitable for you to buy.

What we like about the Razer Stargazer

So, in terms of simple design, Stargazer was the winner. Although the elongated shape is a necessary choice because it houses three cameras, it is both beautiful and functional. It sits at the bottom above the screen and seems to be designed to complement all your other gaming peripherals.

In addition to Logitech’s beautifully articulated tripod design, two hearing aid microphones and a three-headed snake logo have been added to a sleek tubular housing.

We liked the fact that the Stargazer Micro-USB 3.0 to USB-A cable is 8.2 meters long, which gives you many possibilities to connect your gaming desk to your camera. It is braided into the fabric for durability and to prevent tangles. It is also detachable for easy transport, or if you break it in any way, a replacement.

Performance is more important than it seems, and the Razer Stargazer doesn’t disappoint. Using USB 3.0 means that it can communicate with a computer and process much more data than most other existing webcams.

It is capable of transmitting up to 4.8 gigabytes per second. Duplex transmission systems can also move large data packets at the same time. The USB 3.0 interface allows the Stargazer Hub to manage more power over the power rail by supporting advanced power management features.

An interesting feature of the Razer Stargazer is its depth detection technology, which is a game changer for both professional and amateur streamers, as there is no need to set up and use every type of green screen. Instead, you can simply change an existing background to a specific depth and replace it with a specific background of your choice, but you can also move objects and create a custom display area.

During our test, Stargazer removed our desk as if we were sitting in front of a green screen. The effect was immediate and did not require any adjustments. It certainly has a clear idea of where you are, what the removable filler bottom is, and it reacts quickly to sudden changes.

He also always had a precise head and shoulder clipper, with hair and face edges that were much lighter than those of the Logitech C922 when we tested it.  Razer’s offer works well over long distances and separates you from the background, even if I’m within a meter or two of my monitor.

The Stargazer can record at 60fps at 720p or 30fps at 1080p, just like the C922. In each scenario Stargazer worked directly, cutting and placing the user in the corner of the screen with ease.

The Razer Stargazer takes decent photos and videos, and the camera is true to the color. What’s more, the excellent double microphones filter out the ambient sound and indicate exactly where your voice is coming from to create a focused beam. This makes the Skype calls crystal clear.

Razer does not contain too much software with the camera, only Razer Synapse, the software to configure all laptops and peripherals. It is very easy to use.

What we don’t like about Razer Stargazer.

The Razer Stargazer has no manufacturer’s warranty. That’s right! Nothing! Nada! Zero! Copper, look out!

We found it a little heavier than average for a webcam. And even though we don’t like to see it, it hangs over our screen and casts a small shadow on our monitor because of the lighting in our office. Enough to piss us off.

The image quality of the Razer Stargazer is not as good as that of the Logitech C922. Especially in low light, where we noticed a lot of flickering and buffering. Even in optimal light, the Stargazer’s image is not as sharp or attractive as the C922’s in 1080p/30fps or 720p/60fps. We even call the 1080p images we captured blurry. Although the color accuracy is very good, the focus on the hair and parts of my face made the details blurry.

It’s certainly better than your laptop’s built-in webcam, but it’s also not as good as Logitech’s competitors. If you are using Skype or another regular webcam, you are likely to notice a difference.

The main attraction and value of the Razer Stargazer is its dynamic background suppression function, which really works brilliantly. The only problem we have encountered is that RealSense sometimes loses sight of your fingers when you raise your hands and make a quick movement.

To test game performance, we played in two different lighting conditions: in our bright office and in a dark room while broadcasting with XSplit Gamecaster. Games and streaming video stutters at 4K and high levels. When we pushed it to the limit, we found that the timing was a little off and the outputs moved a few seconds after the sound.

As far as facial recognition is concerned: after our PC had slept for a while, the camera did it too and was no longer operational. To turn on and scan the camera, click on the Face Detection option. This view runs counter to the general purpose of the application.


  • A great webcam
  • I like the green screen with the depth sensor. Fantastic for streaming
  • Excellent video quality!
  • Also works great for video calls
  • That’s amazing. It’s worth it!


  • No reliable camera
  • Garbage man. Poor image quality
  • There are no guarantees!

What is included?

Only the Star Razer webcam itself, with the braided power cable, and quick start information.

Overview of functions

The Razer Stargazer has an HD webcam that supports 30 frames per second at 1080P and 60 frames per second at 720P. This is the built-in dynamic background removal, compatible with Windows Hello. USB 3.0 required

The Razer Stargazer measures 5.3 x 3.6 x 3.4 inches (LxWxH) and weighs 3.1 pounds. Infrared sensors, colour sensors and infrared laser projectors on both sides with automatic noise reduction of dual-beam microphones, and

It has raised, textured handles to adjust the camera angle and a flexible clip for laptops and desktop monitors. If you prefer to use a tripod, you can easily attach it using the supplied stand at the bottom.

For the next generation of gamers, the Razer Stargazer offers the highest frame rate with optimized resolution. The ability to enjoy high quality, realistic video is made possible by 60 frames per second.

Additional Intel drivers are required, which are automatically downloaded and installed on your Windows 10 system as soon as you connect them to the USB 3.0 port. These functions are enabled by RealSense Intel .

The advanced depth sensor technology included allows you to eliminate or completely turn off the background, giving you more space to watch the game.

Razer’s Stargazer is the first and only webcam to offer 3D scanning. Scanned objects can easily be transferred to Unity for development, and files can be prepared for 3D printing. Players can scan their face or an object of their choice directly into their favourite games.

The Razer Stargazer’s advanced face and gesture recognition system will change the computer experience forever.

Review overview

Razer bets that people need RealSense and a good background solution for the Stargazer to take its place in the market. A rather special niche, but one that turned out to be a good solution. Advanced integrated technology meant that it would provide the desired functionality for years to come and would be one step ahead of the competition.

For regular users who just want to talk to the family on Skype, the Razer Stargazer is probably much more powerful than you expect and need. But for the professional webcam user who wants to get the most out of his equipment, the investment is worth it. Professional game designers and developers will also appreciate it even if they don’t need the high resolution or higher frame rate.

Of course, the rise of online broadcasting and streaming video games has given the Razer Stargazer an enormous added value, thanks to its innovative and unique features. It has the best green image simulation we’ve ever seen, although the image quality isn’t as bright or detailed as Logitech. But if you are looking for a camera primarily for streaming games on YouTube Live or Twitch, the Razer Stargazer is definitely something for you.

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