The Call For Diversity From Game Companies Leads To Conflicts Between ZombaeKillz & Nne Saga Vs Griffin Gaming & The Quartering Which Shines A Light To A Bigger Problem! Mass False-Flagging, Harassments & Of Course Racism In The Gaming Community!

I followed this drama in the making between the four creators, ZombaeKillz and Nne Saga vs Griffin Gaming & The Quartering! The drama is about subjects ranging from inclusion and diversity to race card fees, harassment and counterfeiting! As you can see, this is a deep question that I wanted to address in terms of a grid (if possible), and share my two cents of what I observed!

Where do you start? A few days ago, the creators of the ZombaeKillz and Nne Saga content on Twitter expressed their disappointment that many players who had previously received PS5s and Xbox Series X were mostly white gamers and wanted to do something about it! So they contacted Sony and Microsft on the platform to see what they could do to change it. Honestly, I understand where Nne Saga and ZombaeKillz come from, and I agree that you have to take a leap if you want to change something. But the problem was in their approach! No matter how you look at it, it’s going really well, the way they use their complexion to beg and negotiate with the gambling companies. He painted it, so to speak, in a bad light. But in the end, the ladies could get consoles for themselves and for the team they were playing for in the beginning!

It’s one thing to want diversity, but using Bronna Taylor, a woman unjustly murdered by the police, as a bargaining tool – that’s not good, if you ask me! As I said before, I agree that Sony should try to get in touch with many people from different backgrounds, because I can say that a few people with songs that are in the game review business would deserve to work closely with them!

Later, they came to Inside Gaming to discuss how they worked behind the scenes, so that companies like Sony and Microsoft could better manage the task of increasing the number of people they work with, i.e. working with more people of different races and so on. It is true that Sony and Microsoft tend to spend a lot of time working more closely with white creators, whether it’s sending consoles or code to view or make a first impression. Yes, you can cite creators like MKBHD or TheAverageConsumer, but the numbers are still pale in comparison, and there were many players of all races who had numbers and influence to justify working with them.

The goal that ZombaeKillz and Nne Saga ultimately wanted to achieve was to be middlemen who helped Sony and Microsoft find the right creators to work with! It is very well possible that Sony/Microsoft doesn’t know that there are other makers on the market, and Nne Sage wants to put them in the spotlight. Especially Nne Saga has experience as a consultant and has worked tirelessly in the past to build relationships and networks. In the case of Nne Saga, she is not a chick that just pops up out of nowhere, she is qualified. ZombaeKillz, on the other hand, is just a streamer/content creator of what I found, he landed in hot water.

That’s what I thought. There is only one aspect of her argument with which I do not entirely agree, and that is a remark about the figures she has presented. It may work in Great Britain, but the United States is a very different animal. Most companies look at the figures, they don’t care about the social consequences. If you can’t make money for them, they don’t care about you or your social influence. Hell, I bet I have a social influence.

Unfortunately, their message was not clear enough and was finally interpreted as if we were black players, and we also deserve to send consoles, with one of them, ZombaeKillz, to be precise, with this bold statement about one of the most visible black players, with a low number of followers! Honestly, this interview with Inside gaming has not done them any good! It really made them meet people who only asked for the console because they were black! However, if Inside Gaming could open the commentary, it could serve as an excellent example for research into racism in the gaming community in the western world. The video also emphasized the reluctance to at least try to listen, despite the poor judgment of these girls.

Griffin Gaming, another content maker, makes videos when he sees it and criticizes the videos and their positions. I watched that video, and I’m gonna be honest here. In addition to the exaggerated insults he used to insult the girls who were wrongly on his side, he made reasonable arguments. He agreed with some of the girls, but did not agree with most of their dialogue! Quaterring also made his own video that would look like Griffin Gaming.

This of course opened the door for racists to flood ZombaeKillz and Nne Saga’s social media accounts and sue them over and over again! This is an unfortunate side effect of YouTube critics, even though they tell their followers not to attack anyone, most of them are too stupid to follow orders. In response, ZombaeKillz and Nne Saga ran a massive campaign to defeat the Griffin Gaming video and everything else and forced Griffin Gaming to remove the video to avoid a strike! That’s another area where I felt Zombay Kills and Nne Saga ruined it. The request for mass communication, which in this case can be considered false, may cause them problems in the event of prosecution. This will not benefit them in the long run and could harm their brand!

It seems that everything went wrong until The Quartering decides to report false reports after ZombaeKillz and Nne Saga and carry out a possible bombardment of her fans!

As I said before, there is nothing wrong with what ZombaeKillz and Nne Saga did, it’s their approach that led to this whole mess, Griffin Gaming was not technically bad, his exaggerated insults were a problem, but it still tackles the highlighted problem of communication, the refusal of people to sit down and listen, the need to play the racing card in a situation that will not benefit you, and the expectation that the company will not really end things!

Look, everyone has their own way of accessing things online! The way I see things in this world and the way I work is the last thing I want someone to look at everything I’ve built and accomplished and simply attribute it to racing! That is why I am also interested in the importance of heritage! It’s just as important as the ladies said they have a more varied composition, but it’s much more important to do everything right in the eyes of the public, especially for black people! Whether we like it or not, we’re not in a better position to make it worse!

So I found APPROACH, but I found out why they did it. If I hadn’t introduced myself, nothing would have been done. They have held Sony and Microsoft responsible for all their inflammatory, progressive activities.

However, if they had approached them alone, or at least in a more professional way, I would have found it better! After all, image is important! It’s hard to say whether Sony/Micdrofost has understood the importance of working with a more diverse group of people, or whether they just succumb to what they think is a potential PR disaster. I mean, they’ve just released the Black Lives Matter wallpaper and made all these statements, it would be a little weird not to have a little more Black/Asian and other races that have proven that they can get the console and, more importantly, work with them! I don’t think we’ll ever know!

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