Top 14 Best GPS To Track A Vehicle in 2020

There are several reasons why you should know the actual location of your car. You may want to keep maintenance records and performance history. Maybe you’re also wondering if there’s a GPS tracker with no monthly charge?

If you live in an area where a car is likely to be stolen, you should keep an eye on your cars and your rates. The GPS tracker is one of the most popular positioning methods currently available.

Locating your car with a GPS tracker is very easy and useful. These devices are connected somewhere on your vehicles, for example in cars or trucks. These devices are not intended for spying on children. However, you can use it to teach your children to drive more efficiently and safely.

These GPS trackers are designed to track your vehicle and determine a specific location for your vehicle. If your car is stolen, it’s almost impossible to find it. Your stolen car will be torn to pieces. Wondering which GPS tracker is right for you and how to track your car with GPS for free?

What are the advantages of the best GPS plotters?

Using the best GPS trackers offers many advantages without damaging the vehicle. Some of the advantages of GPS for vehicle tracking are listed below:

  • to spy on a spouse or suspicious partner for treason.
  • to clone an android phone.
  • Make backups or information using spyware.
  • For the supervision of employees.
  • to ensure parental control over your child’s cell phones.
  • Create virtual boundaries to know where your kids are going
  • to record text messages and discuss topics on smartphones.
  • to access messages and data on social networking sites.
  • to get a geolocation.

How do you use GPS trackers for fleet management?

GPS trackers can offer several advantages in fleet management. The main advantage is that it reduces costs and increases profitability. Some of these benefits are listed below:

1. The GPS Tracker can be very useful for route optimization:

If a GPS vehicle tracking system is installed in your fleet, you will receive the position of your vehicle in each fleet in real time, allowing you to forward the ideal route for your vehicle to avoid delays.

2. Reduces response time for services such as customer support:

After installing the device in your car, you will notice a longer reaction time, because you can go to the customer’s home to respond to the service.

3. Reduction of fuel costs:

Fuel costs are one of the most important costs of fleet management, but GPS trackers can reduce costs and save you hard-earned money. The GPS tracker reduces downtime and provides the most efficient route.

4. Improved fleet safety:

Another important advantage of GPS vehicle tracking systems in fleet management is the improvement of the overall safety of your fleet. GPS monitoring can detect driver problems before it is too late. If the driver knows that his or her bad driving behaviour is being monitored, he or she will not take unnecessary risks or act recklessly.

5. Reduction of losses due to theft:

When criminals know that cars equipped with GPS are being tracked and there is a chance that they will be caught. So they tend to leave the car without stealing it. It has many other benefits that reduce the cost and efficiency of your car.

Why do you need a GPS tracker?

You can track the exact location of your device and protect it from theft. It also provides safety and protection against harmful driving habits. You can choose from many different models of vehicle tracking systems for parents based on a monthly or annual subscription.

Top 14 best GPS for tracking vehicles in 2020

1. Auto adapter with automatic connection AUT-450C 3G

This is a 3rd generation GPS device. Generation. It comes with a 5-year subscription, and you can find it a little cheaper than other analogs.

It can be integrated with IFTT, which means that it can be used for different types of applications. You can use it with Amazon Echo, Litter and so on. You can also set the thermostat.

This is a fairly unique feature because, unlike other GPS devices, you can track your car using a vehicle code scanner to check for engine and lighting problems.

The advantages of

  • It includes a 5-year subscription.
  • This is an escort to the emergency services.
  • It contains a built-in Rescue Code.
  • Compatible with Amazon Echo and IFTT applications


  • The latest software is lazy.
  • New trips can start with short stops.
  • You cannot delete a report track.
  • You can ignore messages.

2. SpyTec STI-GL300 Portable real-time GPS mini tracker

The devices do not want to spy on anyone other than your own car, for safety reasons only. It is not necessary to connect an OBDII serial port in your vehicle. So you can hide it from your family and friends. The battery of these mobile phones lasts up to 2 weeks and enables meticulous monitoring.

The accelerator pedal can only be activated when the vehicle is in motion. You can set up a geofencing zone that follows each entry and exit of the vehicle. You can keep information about activities for up to a year.

The advantages of

  • It can take up to two weeks.
  • It runs on batteries.
  • You can store data or information in the cloud storage.
  • Real-time accelerometers, tracking and motion detectors.


  • It’s a little expensive.
  • It doesn’t have a mobile app.
  • The software is defective.
  • The accuracy of this unit depends entirely on GPS.

3. Optimus Real Time GPS Tracker

In form and function it is very similar to the GL300 GPS plotter. A special application has also been created for the management of the Information Tracker. Unlike other GPS trackers, this device.

It can send alerts and notifications about speeding, geo-fencing, panic and battery status, etc. It is also available on iPhone and Android.  You can store an unlimited amount of data about the activities of your car in the past. It also comes with a fully waterproof magnetic case.

The advantages of

  • This is special software.
  • It runs on batteries and has a lifespan of two weeks.
  • You receive an unlimited amount of historical data in a single subscription.
  • Excellent customer service.


  • It’s got good cell phone coverage.
  • There’s been some delay.
  • Not suitable for normal trade..,
  • It is only suitable for indoor use.

4. MOTORBIKE OBD Safety monitoring system Youth bus

It looks more like a moving van than a spy tracker. It has a serial tracking port and also provides a geodetic fence. This also includes bills for bad driving habits and bad handbrakes.

It offers limited functionality. However, this option is less expensive and is not intended to provide additional information about your vehicle related activities.

The advantages of

  • You can keep track of direction, location, etc.
  • It was cheaper in comparison.
  • It has special applications.
  • It includes a complete driving course with points for bad habits and broken hands.


  • Acceleration messages are very sensitive.
  • It sends a text message.
  • It is very difficult to set a limit for this device.
  • This is a limited functionality.

5. BrickHouse 2.0 Safety track connection

The latest version of the brick cladding includes a view of the brick house track, with a map and a satellite image of the location of your car or truck.

He’s using Verizon’s mobile network. It includes a portable wireless OBD tracking system that transmits radiation data to online platform maps every 30 seconds. The highest subscription rate is $29.99 per month.

However, they can choose their plan for $9.99 per 5-minute interval. Speed alerts and geowindows are available, as well as ride reports and a panic button. The first month of subscription is free at the time of purchase. It also includes a geo-these function.

The advantages of

  • You will be informed in a more flexible way.
  • A fence and a breadcrumb line are available for the vehicle track.
  • It contains the latest updated applications.
  • It was very easy to set up.


  • It doesn’t work on trucks.
  • You can only use it in the United States of America.
  • For additional assistance, you may need technical support from a consulting firm.

6. Accutracking VTPlug 3G GPS OBD II Vehicle Tracker (TK373)

If your budget is limited, we have a nice and cheap alternative here. It guarantees geological monitoring and control of all activities and the general condition. You can check the engine speed, fence duration, remaining battery life, behaviour under heavy load, oil change and idling, engine speed and temperature, etc. You will receive a complete notification or a notification on your mobile phone via SMS and on your e-mail address.

The lowest fare plan is available for $12.99 for each game in 120 seconds. On the other hand, the most expensive plan is available for $25.99 each, in 15 second intervals. It also includes a GSM radio operating on AT&T’s 3G networks. You can download a sample CSV file. It is available at a relatively low price.

The advantages of

  • It’s a very affordable device.
  • It provides reports with diagnostic data.
  • Gives speed, hard braking, ignition warning.


  • You can get an update at least every 15 seconds, and in order to get a better service, you need to buy an expensive package.
  • There’s no smartphone app for him.
  • It will not work with Mitsubishi and other vehicles.

7. OBD Monitor GPS Tracker

This is not real-time monitoring and is done once a month. There is no contract, but when choosing an annual plan cancellation fees may apply. With this truck you can track geofencing, brutal tracking acceleration, bad cleavage habits, and bad hacking.

All data is stored in the cloud for up to three years. However, it is not tracked in real time and you are kept informed of requests, texts and e-mails.

The advantages of

  • It is available at a fixed rate for one month.
  • There’s only one choice.
  • It contains a corresponding application.
  • It provides geosurveillance, idle, warning and acceleration.


  • It is available for an inflated price of $22.9 per month.

8. Bouncie Smart GPS Tracker Car Companion

It is a comprehensive vehicle tracking system for activities related to vehicle health. Engine problems can be detected with reports of hard braking, speed, idling, distance travelled, etc. You can also install geoclasses and geographical fences for different locations. It also sends warnings when it leaves the car or other vehicles.

You can customize the activity reports for many users through the application. The monthly subscription is available for $8. You can store data indefinitely, but it cannot track actions when the vehicle is switched off.

The advantages of

  • It comes with vehicle diagnostics.
  • It contains a special request.
  • It is compatible with Amazon Echo and IFTT applications.


  • It’s not very precise.
  • There’s no real-time tracking.
  • Alarms can be slow and the required synchronization periods are necessary.

9. OBD real-time train GPS personal locator vehicle

This device is designed for the safety of families. It efficiently provides accurate data about the location of your vehicle. You can also keep track of speed, location and curfew, and there are a few extra features that make it quite unique.

You will receive four calls to this service 24 hours a day and a subscription of $9.97 per month. This also includes accident detection and an emergency service provider. The first month of service is free, and you have one month to check it out.

The advantages of

  • It comes with a special request.
  • Roadside assistance is also offered.
  • Complete modifications with vehicle diagnostics are also available.


  • A language class may suffer if an application does not include the speed limit within a certain range.
  • There are several updates with errors.
  • You have to register every time.

10. AMERICALOC Real Time GPS Mini Tracker (GL300W)

It is one of the most popular GPS tracking systems for cars. Unlike OBD models, it can be mounted outside the vehicle using a magnetic box. With the new version you can get a backup for 14 days. You will receive a warning that the battery is low and there are alternatives for $25 per month and $72 per month.

The tracking update rate is about a minute, which is quite impressive. But you can also reduce it to 10 seconds without spending a penny.  You also have access to the annual monitoring history.

The advantages of

  • The battery has a lifespan of 14 days.
  • You don’t have to pay extra for updates.
  • You can use it worldwide with a SIM card.


  • It is not an affordable product.
  • You can get a monthly subscription for $25, and the prepayment is much cheaper for a longer period of time.
  • This is not a specification of the application.

11. Vehicle immobilisation – Enhanced real time monitoring for second generation 3G vehicles

Although many functions are expected with this anti-theft tracking device, the USP is that device. It also includes unusual vibration alarms to indicate that someone is using tools to get to your car.

Anti-theft provisions and action reports are also included. For a monthly subscription you need to spend $9.6 per month.

The advantages of

  • He has a special request.
  • You can use it anywhere in the world.
  • When dragging, you will receive an alert or a vibrating message.


  • He’s got an APB outage.
  • There are some reports about what works.
  • No direct customer service number. You must send the mail before the call.

12. Mileage Pro Live GPS Vehicle and Tracker

The Driving Performance Ace is designed as a device that works by connecting to the OBD port for real-time tracking and monitoring of vehicle status.  It is used to ensure high productivity for cost and tax purposes. You can connect it wirelessly and over Wi-Fi.

It also offers real-time monitoring for an additional fee. The starting price is $15.49 per month and an extra $0.19 for data from the mobile network. You can monitor 5 minutes in real time, at a cost of $2 for 5 minute changes and $4 per month for 1 minute intervals. Made in the United States for domestic support.

The advantages of

  • That’s very specific.
  • Huge storage capacity for GPS trackers.
  • Connection via USB and OBD ports.


  • It’s very big in compression on their device.
  • In order to use this device, the vehicle must be powered via USB.
  • It should be installed somewhere in your car.

13. MasTrack GPS tracker

During the first year you will benefit from free services. However, you can buy the device yourself without a plan, but the best buy is a superior service for $269.

The premium service has a turnaround time of one minute, which is very accurate and in real time. It also offers location reports, traffic reports and unlimited updates.

The advantages of

  • No extra maintenance costs during the first year.
  • It comes with a special request.
  • It offers an unlimited story.


  • It has a very high starting price.
  • It only works if the car or another vehicle is in motion.
  • For real-time tracking you need to purchase premium packages.

14. Vyncs GPS tracker

It is also a real-time GPS for vehicle tracking, which does not require an additional monthly subscription. The standard model includes standard tracking and geodetic fence, fuel consumption, fuel level, high acceleration and breakage. With this service you benefit from an interval of three minutes.

Vyncs Pro contains a spirit update. This includes reading out engine malfunctions. For the second year, you have to pay $74.99.

The advantages of

  • There are no extra service costs for the first year.
  • He has a special request.
  • It can track the location of the car, even if it is switched off.


  • For faster data you need to update them.
  • The application and the website can be very slow.
  • The non-recurring capitalization charges amount to 29.99 USD.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can I follow the GPS in my car?

Yes, of course, you can follow the GPS in your car. There are several GPS tracking systems that enable real-time tracking, geofences, bedtime driving and notifications. It is very easy to track the position of your car with the GPS.

What is the best GPS tracker for cars?

Although there are different models and versions of GP trackers on the market, you can take a look at the 3G Connected Car Adapter Automatic AUT-350C Pro Gold and take first place in our list. You need to choose the perfect GPS tracker that meets your needs.

Is it possible to follow the car without GPS?

Yes, you can track your car with a vehicle identification number. However, to obtain nesting results and accurate real-time tracking, you need to select GPS tracking. The GPs Tracker also offers interesting features.

Bottom row

In short, it is very important that you think about the safety of your family and your cars. We live in a world of antisocial activity, criminals and thieves. Therefore, keeping track of your vehicle’s activity should be your priority.

With a GPS tracking device, you can easily retrieve the position and activity history of your vehicle in real time. It also contains very interesting features such as geosurveillance, anti-theft and geolocation technologies. You may be wondering which model suits you best.

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