Top 9 Best Lightweight Antivirus For Windows 10

Originally published on the 17th. November 2020 at 6:07.

Lightweight antivirus software is software that uses fewer resources on your computer while protecting your data from external threats. What’s more, the best lightweight antivirus keeps it up to date with the latest threats such as coronavirus cards that steal PC passwords and don’t consume system resources.

Let’s look at the features, 9 simplest antivirus for Windows 10 and earlier.

Category Product Download links
A complete set of security tools AVG Free antivirus
The most popular antivirus program Free Antivirus Avast
Antivirus with system acceleration 360 Total security
Protect your business Avira
Advanced antivirus function Bitdefender
Real-time antivirus scanner Kaspersky
Antivirus for the cloud scan Panda Security
Award-winning antivirus Awareness statements
The most feature-rich antivirus program Comodo

The simplest antivirus for Windows 10

1. AVG Free Antivirus

USP : Installation in a few minutes. Protects your computer forever.

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It’s the best lightweight antivirus for Windows 10, with real-time security updates, malware scans, improved performance and even detection of malicious downloads before they run on your PC.

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At the same time, you can protect yourself against viruses without stress, because it correctly blocks links, downloads and unsafe e-mail attachments. No extensive scanning, so you can relax with this lightweight antivirus program!

Website : AVG

2. Avast Free Antivirus

USP : Multi-level security system

Avast is best known as the world’s largest threat detection network. The reasons why it is known as the best lightweight antivirus are the real-time scanning of unknown files, the interactive user interface and the extra support for gamers and movie lovers.

It’s an interesting concept to be on the run with Avast. It monitors the behavior of the PC to detect when the behavior suddenly becomes uncontrollable. It is capable of blocking spyware, ransom software, phishing, etc. through intelligent analysis. In addition, the intelligent scanning system sends suspicious files to the cloud for further analysis and recovery.

Website : Avast

3. 360 Total safety

USP : A powerful tool for protection and acceleration

This lightweight antivirus software is a fantastic tool that uses less RAM as well as memory. From essential antivirus protection to guard against all major inbound threats to intelligent behavioral control to intercept documents, 360 Total Security is always a good product.

Secure online shopping or protect your privacy when the security and privacy of the Internet and Wi-Fi work at the same time. Not only is it the lightest antivirus program, but it also speeds up your computer by deleting unnecessary files and taking up more space on your system.

Website : 360 Total security

4. Avira

USP : Protect everything you do on your Windows PC

No matter what you do on a Windows computer, a good lightweight antivirus program should always protect against intruders. And thanks to Avira for doing the same for you. It not only protects your system from virus threats, but also blocks infected websites, browser trackers and malicious advertisements. Scan all available networks for vulnerabilities and fix them with Avira!

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When you log in with your passwords, Avira keeps them private for you. It will also speed up your system’s boot time by cleaning up unnecessary files and reducing latency.

Website : Avira

5. Standard bit

USP : The use of artificial intelligence for security

When artificial intelligence and other revolutionary technologies are combined to find the latest threats such as malware or virus infiltration, you will surely call it the best lightweight antivirus software for Windows 10. This tool is ideal if you want to use a multi-level security system that prevents the loss of data or money.

An integrated password manager, webcam security and no system delay guarantee your privacy and system performance. Indeed, a good lightweight antivirus program.

Website : BitDefender

6. Kaspersky Anti-Virus

USP : Real-time system analysis

When the best lightweight antivirus programs come with extra protection features, you probably want more. That’s also why Kaspersky is on the list. It provides real-time scanning, email analysis to detect phishing attempts and spyware protection.

Where Kaspersky Lab is reliable, even more features are available with Kaspersky Security Cloud : Password management, security alerts, basic security and account verification without paying a penny.

Website : Kaspersky

7. Panda Security

USP : Cloud Analysis System

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The cloud software can scan, execute and process data in the cloud, saving you space and keeping the software light on your Windows system. You can be sure that Panda Security is regularly updated without having to worry in the meantime.

Ease of installation and real-time protection are a few things you can’t ignore. In addition, the USB stick itself is also scanned as soon as the plugin is detected. It’s really perfect for personal use.

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Website : Panda Security

8. Free Adaware Antivirus

USP: Award-winning virus protection

Forget all malicious threats and focus on having fun – that’s what Adaware promotes. All forms of viruses and malware will be stopped when you have this lightweight antivirus in stock.

It’s easy to use with absolutely clear instructions that even a beginner can handle. Like AVG, it also checks new downloads for malicious content.

Website : Awareness statements

9. Free Antivirus Comodo

USP : Security is a right.

Today’s threats have become so diverse that they are not easy to deal with. But Comodo is the best free and lightweight antivirus that hosts intrusion prevention, can sandbox unknown software and you can safely surf a website. Keep this software on your computer to protect you from major threats!

No virus! Make sure to use ps1 emulators for better experience.

We hope you’ve found the best lightweight antivirus solutions and a way to protect your PC from viruses.

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