Why is it good to do business with Asian companies?

Despite Asia’s enormous size and incredible wealth of talent, the region’s economy is often underestimated by investors and entrepreneurs.

Although the coronavirus pandemic may have had a negative impact on the Asia-Pacific region, it has only temporarily interrupted average annual growth from 6.9% to 7.5% since 2014.

In this article we examine some of the main benefits of doing business with Asian companies, especially as the region continues the strong recovery of Covid-19.

1. Capitalisation in a fast-growing environment

Overall, Asia has become extremely technology and innovation-driven with the emergence of world-class hubs in Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong.

National governments are also expanding their technological infrastructure projects and providing more extensive support for business start-ups, thus creating an increasingly favourable business environment.

It also contributes to the rapid development of a business environment facilitated by better access to mobile technology, expanding e-commerce opportunities and improving the performance of 5G networks.

This can benefit business enterprises in all sectors and stimulate growth and expansion outside emerging technology markets.

2. Access to large population centres and markets

As mentioned above, Asia is a huge market, both in terms of population and private sector and the value of shares.

According to the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia-Pacific, more than 4.3 billion people lived in the Asia-Pacific region at the end of 2014, representing nearly 60 percent of the world’s population.

Not only does this represent a huge and growing consumer base for international companies to establish themselves, but it also provides access to a huge source of untapped talent in many industries.

This combination of a large talent pool and a motivated customer base represents a kind of Holy Grail for companies and creates unlimited potential over time.

3. Use of advanced infrastructure | Trade with Asian companies

As Asian governments and cities continued to invest in infrastructure for entrepreneurs, we saw significant growth in assets and currencies in several regions.

Moreover, the main advantage of such an infrastructure is that it makes it much easier to start (or expand) international activities in Asia.

These effects have been reinforced by continued investment in economic and social infrastructure, which has also contributed to reducing potential barriers to entry and easing requirements for foreign entrepreneurs.

As a result, you can now establish a viable business in Japan without being considered a permanent resident.

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