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Like you, I’ve always admired high quality video. Whether on YouTube, Instagram or elsewhere – a well edited video is always therapeutic. From soccer torches to travel documentaries to simple do-it-yourself video projects, the quality of the video strongly depends on the special conversion/editing software used. And if, like me, you’ve learned how to edit a video with behind-the-scenes editing software, you’ll probably find video editing a tedious and demanding task. Isn’t it?

Well, transforming or editing a video doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, with Wondershare UniConverter, you’re just a few clicks away. Moreover, this tool has several functions that strike the right balance between simplicity and usability. Unlike other tools on the market, there is no need to register for a university degree to learn how to edit and convert videos. It has a simple and responsive interface that is incredibly fast and easy to use.

In general, video converters are limited to a single platform. This is not the case with Wondershare UniConverter (formerly Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate). This reliable video converter is available for Windows and MacOS computers. And you don’t need the latest technology on your computer to enjoy the powerful editing features of this video converter.

Here are the system requirements:

Product version Supported operating system Editor in Chief Free space on your hard drive RAM
Window Counter 10/8/7/Vista/XP > 750 MHz Intel or AMD CPU/td> 100 MB or more 256 MB or more
Mac macOS X 10.15, 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7 Intel processor > 1 GHz or higher 100 MB or more 512 MB or more

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Wondershare UniConverter is a premium tool for all your video conversion needs. Whether you want to quickly convert one video or thousands of videos, there are no limits. The software supports many video and audio files, including older codec formats that support HD and 4K. You can even convert the video for use with mobile devices and VR headsets.

The optimized software interface makes video conversion and editing simple and easy. Allows you to easily edit, crop, add subtitles and apply filters in a single screen. What’s more, with Wondershare UniConverter you can always see the results before saving the converted videos. This allows you to compare video sequences and make the necessary adjustments to ensure flawless results.

Finally, if your video conversion work is intended for the Internet, this Wondershare video converter will make your work much easier. Whether you download it from a website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or by email, you can count on a smooth download process. Compared to other converters, UniConverter gives you more control and you don’t have to worry about quality loss – Convert Video > Get Quality.


  • An incredibly fast and reliable video converter/editor
  • Simplified user interface
  • Supports more than 1000 formats
  • Powerful video editing functions
  • Available for Windows and MacOS computers


  • Sometimes it takes a while to learn everything (actually, that’s not the hardest part).

What is Wondershare UniConverter?

Wondershare UniConverter is a premium video conversion tool that helps you edit, crop, add filters and save files. This reliable software features more than 1000 formats, a high conversion speed and a user-friendly interface. Whether you are looking for a simple but effective converter for multiple video files or for mass production of professional videos, UniConverter is a real bargain. And while it has many useful features, multiple editing sessions are needed to easily find each one.

The most important characteristics of the inverter :

  • Videoconversion
  • Video editing
  • Compressed video
  • Burning video to DVD
  • Transfer of multimedia files
  • Video toolbox with additional functions such as VR converter, fixed media database, TV casting, screen recorder, CD ripper, etc.

Do you need a Wondershare UniConverter?

Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Whether you’re a professional videographer or not, Wondershare UniConverter is useful for a wide range of users. First, it is available for both Windows and MacOS computers and has many functions, including video conversion and editing. This tool supports over 1000 formats and has a simplified interface that makes editing easy and uncomplicated. It also has additional features such as video recording, CD ripper and TV format, making it a versatile video converter.

IsWondershare UniConverter free?

Like many other video converters on the market, Wondershare UniConverter is available in two versions: a free trial version and a paid version. The free trial has limited functionality, including several supported video formats. In addition, you can only upload videos to YouTube with a limited trial version.

The paid version, on the other hand, has first-class functions without restrictions. Once you’ve signed up, the world is your playground. UniConverter Pro allows you to download videos from multiple websites while benefiting from wider support for non-DRM video formats.

How much does Wondershare UniConverter cost?

Wondershare UniConverter Pro is available for use in 4 unique purchase options. Whether you use a Windows or MacOS computer, with flexible pricing you can save money and get the most out of your software.

For Windows users, the software costs only $39.95 per year per computer. You can also get it for $55.96 as a one-time payment. With this plan you can enjoy the incredible features of a lifetime license. Finally, there is a business plan that starts with 2 PKS for $107.91 per year and $161.91 per year. If you want to use the business plan for more than 2 computers, there is a price calculator that will help you find the exact amount you need to pay for more than 100 licenses.

For macros the pricing system is almost the same, with small variations. The annual plan for one computer costs $59.95. Similarly, a lifetime license for a PC costs $69.95. Finally, UniConverter also has a business plan for Mac users that starts with 2 PCS for $125.91 a year and $179.91 a year. And just like with Windows Plan, there is a price calculator that you can use if you want to use the program on more than two computers as part of your business plan.

Pay attention: UniConverter Pro is available for teachers, school administrators and other educators for as little as $7.96.

Is it safe to use Wondershare UniConverter?

Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! UniConverter is absolutely safe for both Windows and MacOS platforms. The initial installation program and all associated files have been validated with Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes Antimalware. The program is therefore completely free of malware and does not contain third-party software.

And when you download a program, you do so from a Wondershare server that intercepts any possibility of introducing malware.

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Features of Wondershare UniConverter

When you open the software, the first thing you notice is the quality of the user interface design. At the top of the dashboard, five different zones can be accessed at the touch of a button.

  • Convert
  • Download .
  • burn
  • Sync and corrections of
  • Tools

Now that we have listed the most important characteristics, let’s take a look at what everyone does and see how well they work.

Video converter

I don’t think there is any other software that simplifies video conversion because UniConverter is written in the title. Simply add a specific video file (e.g. MP4, MOV, etc.) to the Dashboard from anywhere on your computer and select the final input settings. The best part is that you can even convert video outside of your computer’s hard drive. Whether it’s a mobile device, an external hard drive, a DVD player or a connected camcorder, there are no limits. You can also convert multiple files to the same mass production output format at the same time.

The software has over 1000 pre-defined formats, allowing you to work with a wide range of functions. These formats allow you to customize your settings or customize existing settings to your needs without affecting the quality of your file. In any case, UniConverter gives you full control over the various parameters, including audio, frame rate and bit rate.

The program allows you to practice your creativity when converting videos with different basic editing options. Whether you want to crop, rotate, add filter effects or subtitle videos, there’s a button for each video. And although the filter effects are limited, they are sufficient to give the video the desired atmosphere. In addition to video conversion, UniConverter is mainly used to add contrast and adjust saturation.

There are several predefined formats available for subtitles, and you can even search for other formats using the special search icon. There is also a watermark function to protect copyright, but this is limited in style and layout. Finally, the sound choices are a bit limited and I think adding an equalizer will make this instrument even better. In general, the video conversion function works well because it allows you to convert and edit video easily.


Most of our daily life consists of finding and manipulating videos from different sources on the web. However, some of these sources prohibit downloading videos or playback is not as good with the chosen device. UniConverter allows you to easily download online videos from the Internet and convert them to your preferred format.

Whether YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or many others, your favorite video is available in just one click. You don’t have to download and convert it yourself. When you activate the download and conversion mode, the program will do everything for you.

Unlike other inverters on the market, the UniConverter does everything perfectly. Downloading videos is very easy. Simply copy the URL of the video from where you want to download it, paste it into the dialog box and click Download. The program analyzes the video in seconds and gives you a list of available options for download quality.

DVD burner

Although not much discussed in this section, burning videos to DVD is the easiest task in UniConverter. From there you can create a satisfying compilation of the video to share with your friends and family.

I don’t recommend it to professional videographers because it’s a little limited. However, if you only want to burn a few videos to DVD, the available functions are quite simple and clear.

Just like in the Conversion section, you can watch your videos and make the necessary changes before burning them to DVD. You can also use the available menu presets to customize the background, music and text. The versatility is very limited in terms of configuration and placement of text windows, which means you have to work with the available presets. You cannot cut out the background image either. These limitations make the program ideal for fast and entertaining videos, not for professional videos.


The Transfer Converter section is just an advertised file manager with which you can easily transfer files to your mobile device or external hard drive. Instead of switching to another program, software developers made it easy to transfer the converted work to a separate device. Whether it’s photos or videos, connect the camera and import the files.

In the beginning, the program had trouble finding my phone, and I had to try it about three times. After recognition and connection to the software, the instrument was displayed in the interface. Here you can click the Add Files button in the left corner to view and import the local files. If you want to transfer your converted files, go to the list of converted files and click Add to list to transfer them.

The uploaded videos can also be moved by clicking on the Upload section and the Done tab. Click the Add to list button from here to complete the transfer. Finally, once you have selected all the files you want to transfer, click on the Transfer section and transfer them all at once or each time using the appropriate buttons.

I think it’s the least necessary part of the program. However, the ability to group everything in one section to facilitate the transfer saves you a lot of time. With the exception of a few cases where I had to disconnect and reconnect the device before it was detected, I find it useful.


The toolbox is another important part of UniConverter that complements its versatility. In this section, additional features make the tool more than just a normal video conversion tool. The section contains important functions such as a VR converter, a link to a correction for a media database, the ability to execute TV commands, a screen recorder and a CD ripper.

Image converter : Allows you to view and import local images for conversion. The program supports batch processing and you can add multiple files at the same time. From here you can crop, add filter effects or watermark the image in seconds.

Repair Media Database : The media database refers to the name, language, date of publication and other data describing the file. With this component you can easily repair the database for better file management and organization. Whether incorrect, missing or incomplete, its correction is as simple as 1 2 3.

VR converter : In this section, you can select the video mode and device for which you want to create VR files with just a few clicks. Just add the video, select your favorite VCR settings and convert them.

Manufacturer of GIF : Following the response of GIF in social networks, UniConverter makes it easy to create animated files with images and videos. Select the files you want to create in the GIF Maker section and enjoy your new animated GIFs.

Video compression : Video compression allows you to reduce the file size without sacrificing quality. Whether you want to send the video by email or upload it to social networks, this section makes the upload process easier for the recipient. Change the video settings and compression rate, and the software will change the values automatically.

CD burner: This section allows you to physically back up audio files to a CD. UniConverter supports many formats, including MP3, M4B and WAV. Just add the files via the CD burner link, insert the CD and burn it.

Paperless recorder : This makes it easy to save the screen without having to download an extra program. Whether it’s a conference call, a live screen or streaming video, the Screen Recorder provides seamless screen recording.

Television broadcasts (media server) : Cast to TV lets you play videos on your Smart TV for better viewing. As for the transfer, I have a few clues, but nothing to warn you about.

Ripper CD: The CD ripper is the opposite of a CD recorder. It extracts raw digital audio from the CD into standard computer files. Whether you want to save your audio files or manipulate them into another format, CD Ripper does the job perfectly.

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Movavi Video Converter is an impressive video converter – another tool available on various platforms, including Windows and MacOS. It supports over 180 file formats and allows you to compress video files while maintaining quality. You can also edit files and the conversion process is simple and easy to learn.

Every Video Converter – Anvsoft Inc.’s video converter is available for Windows and MacOS computers. It supports many video and audio formats, and you can download files from the Internet using the software. It is easy to use and the speed is incredible when it comes to extracting audio from a CD and burning the video to a DVD.

Hand brake – This free open source video transcoder is available for Linux, Windows and MacOS computers. Although the program was already developed in 2003, it has undergone numerous changes to improve the user interface. It supports different video formats and you can edit the supported videos within minutes.

Wondershare Uniconverter Review – Final words

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Wondershare UniConverter is an impressive video conversion tool with over 1000 supported formats. This software has a simplified user interface and well-designed and useful features available at the top of the dashboard. Unlike most converters on the market, it is available on multiple platforms, Windows and MacOS.

The software is also immune to malware because there is no third-party software. The installer itself is also downloaded from the Wondershare website so that you get the most stable and recent version. With a user-friendly interface and fast conversion speed, UniConverter is worth a look. It is also available in 4 different tariff plans, so you can pay according to your specific needs.

I’ve already used some video converters, and Wondershare UniConverter is superior to the others. It supports most file formats at a certain price and has many features that make it more than a regular video converter. Apart from some problems in Transfer and Cast to TV, which can be solved by a system update, I recommend this program.

One more time. Thank you for reading this report.


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PS: Check out the rest of our website, which contains many more reviews of Wondershare products and other software!

Anders is originally from Sweden, but has worked for more than 10 years in Silicon Valley as a project manager, programmer and systems engineer. He started his work in 2014 and is our chief technical guru. He makes easy-to-read guides and magazines for his many readers.

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